Azadi : The Revolutionary Anthem Is Gripping Like Nothing Else Is..!!

By Shahamat Hussain
This new song from Dub sharma, called Azadi, is catching all the attention in the music world. It features the JNUSU President Kanhaiya Speech and his friend’s voices in the background. Music is later entrenches with the catchy beats. This music is dubbed by Siddharth A.K.A Dub Sharma who is a Composer/Producer from Chandigarh, India. Known for his Sound Design skills, Siddharth composes music that falls into Electronica, IDM and Electroacoustic music.

Kanhaiya speech is breaking the internet so is this revolutionary song. This song has got 108,453 views on YouTube and adding counts every hour. This has become popular among the students of the university pan India. Listen to this revolutionary anthem Azadi which demands freedom from oppressions of caste, class, poverty, capitalism, feudalism and Brahmanism.

Feel The Revolution Here :

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