The Baahubali Workout and Diet Plan!


What does it take to look like the hunk, India has ever seen in the Magnum-Opus BAHUBALI? It’s not definitely the regular work out regime but something very strenuous and unbelievable! So let’s look into the daily diet and work out plan of Prabhas, the lead of Bahubali.

1. Prabhas had to gain 20 kilos to get the role of Shivudu and Amarendra look right. Not the regular weight gain but a plan sculpted look. He beefed to around 130 kilos and no wonder the warrior looked perfectly built up.pra4

2. He used to work out in two schedules, which is almost 6 hours a day. In the morning after the warm up, he used to do 1 and half hour cardio. Prabhas was very particular about the muscles, so he had various techniques to maintain them. Also he used to lift weights for one and half hour in the evening to get them right.shi5

3. To handle the stress, he practiced yoga and stretches regularly. In several interviews Prabhas mentioned, “It’s important to know your body and plan your work out and diet according to that. I took time to understand my body structure and then it was easy to mold it accordingly.”1-Prabhas-had-to-gain-20-kilos

4. Prabhas used to observe the regimes of WWE Wrestlers which inspired him immensely. He has installed a similar gym set up at his place which costed him around 1 crore rupees and probably no one has that state of art facilities designed in India2-He-used-to-work-out-in-two-schedules,

5. Prabhas believed, the fitness plan works out only if the intake of food is perfect. He had a very strict diet plan which combined both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. He was on a zero carbohydrate diet when the whole filming was done.prabhas-1 shiva linga

6. He used to have around 40 egg whites daily along with a scoop and protein powder. He did not touch Steroids and drugs as it would have long term negative effects. So he stuck to natural diet and regular workouts.-He-used-to-have-around-40-egg

7. He consumed lots of fish, nuts, almonds and vegetables. He had six meals everyday with each meal every two hours. His total calorie intake was around 2000 – 4000 calories a day.prabhasweight

Once done, it’s history. But to give an impression, it is not easy to do. So this is what it takes to become the hero a country remembers.