20-Month-Old Baby Becomes India’s Youngest Organ Donor & Saves 5 Lives

20 months chinna papa, thanu ee prapancham nunchi aakasamloki yegiripothu maro aidu (5) pranalaki bhoomi meeda bhatakandi antu pranam posindi.

What Happened?

Whatsapp Image 2021 01 15 At 6.06.43 PmOn January 8, Baby ‘Dhanishta’ first-floor balcony nunchi padipoindi. Ventane valla parents hospital ki teesukuvellaru. After three days of with battle with her life, the doctors declared her brain dead on January 11.

The Decision To Donate…

Baby Dhanishta’s father Ashish Kumar said:

Whatsapp Image 2021 01 15 At 6.06.43 Pm (1)“During our stay at the hospital, we saw many patients dying because of a lack of organs. When we asked the reason from the doctors, they told us that there is a scarcity of organ donors. We thought to donate organs of our child since there was no hope for her to come back to life, we had already lost our child and we did not want others to suffer the same fate. Hence we voluntarily asked the doctors to retrieve Dhanishtha’s organs and donate them to the needy ones. While she is not with us but we can see her living in others carrying her organs.”

5-month-old infant has been saved

Baby Dhanishtha heart, liver, both kidneys, and both corneas, ni five patients ki transplant chesaru. Ee five patients lone oka 5 – month old infant kuda save ayyindi Baby Dhanishtha organ donation kaaranamga

“This noble act of the family is really praiseworthy and should motivate others. At 0.26 per million, India has among the lowest rate of organ donation. On an average 5 lakh Indians die every year due to lack of organs,” said Dr D.S. Rana, Chairman, Gangaram Hospital.

Baby Dhanishta’s father Ashish Kumar also urged people for cadaver donation.

“There are myths attached to it like the person whose organs are retrieved will be born without them in the next life. People should not believe in such things. If there is an opportunity to save the lives of others, one should do that.”

Whatsapp Image 2021 01 15 At 6.06.42 Pm

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