Baha Kilikki – Smitha’s Suprise Tribute To Baahubali Is A Treat


Smitha is the only well known pop singer in Telugu.

This Indi-pop singer has been off for quite some time and is now back with a bang – ‘Baha Kilikki – A tribute to Baahubali’ – is what her team has come up with. The lyrics penned by Madhan Karky are in the new language, ‘Kilikili’ that he made up for Baahubali. Well, I cannot tell you the exact meaning of it, but it seems quite catchy. Apart from Smitha, it features Prabhakar (Kaalakeya in Baahubali) and Noel who provided some rap in between. Surprisingly the concept was given by Deva Katta – no wonder it doesn’t bore you. Achu’s tribal sounding beats will get you grooving for sure.

Here check it out! Till now we might have found it tough to get this language, but now I guess it will be easy to sing it with this catchy tune.