Bahubali To Raja Deluxe: 8 Movies Of Prabhas & The Whopping Budgets

Prabhas – a PAN-Indian star who is ruling the Indian box office at present with his movies. After Bahubali Prabhas went on to become a PAN-Indian & Global Star. Bahubali 1 & 2 movies ever before ever made money at the box office…following this Prabhas next movies had a huge impact in terms of budget, story, casting and everything.

The very next after Bahubali – Saaho made a huge budget of 300+ crores and minted Rs 600+ at the box office. Now Adipurush is also shaped up with a whopping budget of Rs 500 crores at the box office.

Here are 8 movies of Prabhas from Bahubali to Raja Deluxe and their budget…

1. Bahubali 1 Movie Budget – Rs 180 Crore

Bahubali 1 is the costliest Telugu movie that was made with a budget of Rs 180 Crores and minted Rs 500+ crores at the box office. This movie created a new record and history with the collection of 75 years of Telugu cinema.

2. Bahubali 2 Movie Budget – Rs 250 Crore

`After the first installment of Bahubali, Bahubali 2 garnered huge hype and attention from all over the country. Movie made with a budget of 250+ Crores and went on to see a never before ever after collection of Rs 1800+ crore surpassing all the hype.

3. Saaho – Movie Budget – Rs 350 Crore

The action saga Saaho made with Rs 350 Crore more than that of Bahubali 2 and made good profit with Rs 500 crore at the box office.

4. Radhe Shyam Movie Budget – Rs 300-350 Crore

Prabhas roped in for the love story Radhe Shyam after Saaho, which is quite experimental. This love story was made with a budget of 350 crore and ended up as a disaster with Rs 80+ crore loss.

5. Adipurush Movie Budget – Rs 500 Crore

Now Adipurush, the modern adaptation of epic Ramayana is shaped up and scheduled for 2023 release. Aidpurush, a timeless epic, is made with a budget of Rs 500+ crores.

6. Salaar Movie Budget – Rs 300 Crore

Prabhas Joined hands with Kannada sensational director Prashanth Neel of KGF. After KGF 1 & 2 sensational PAN-India hits at the box office this duo is coming up with mass entertainer Salaar in 2023, making up with the budget of Rs 300 Crore.

7. Project K Movie Budget – Rs 500+ Crore

After Adipurush, Prabhas is all set for another magnum opus Project K with Mahanati director Nag Ashwin. Project K this sci-fi action entertainer is making up with the estimated budget of Rs 500 crore.

8. Raja Deluxe Movie Budget – Rs 100 Crore

After larger than life movies like Adipurush, Salaar & Project K Prabhas i s joining hands with the director Maruthi for small budget horror-thriller with a limited budget of Rs 100 in between.

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