Ban On Jallikattu Lifted Irks Animal Welfare Organisations

The union govt. has lifted the ban on Jallikattu, a famous sport in Tamil Nadu during Pongal. The event which was cancelled last year has been given a nod by altering a Ministry of Environment notification in 2011.

The Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change came out with a notification which exempted Jallikattu from performances for which bulls should not be used. Union Minister Pon Radhakrishnan announced this on twitter after Union Environment Minister Prakash Javedkar informed him about the exemption made.

Jallikattu, which is bull-baiting or bull cuddling/holding was a popular sport amongst warriors during the Tamil classical period. It is a sport that is used as a platform to display bravery. However, the Animal Welfare Board of India, PETA and other animal welfare organisations are irked with the centre’s decision.

Earlier it was the Environment Ministry who banned the use of bulls in such sports. This U-turn by the Environment Ministry is likely to be challenged in the Supreme Court by Animal Welfare Board of India. Till then it’s a celebration for the people in Tamil Nadu who have been looking forward to this Pongal to rejuvenate the sport.

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