Bangalore rag picker to attend UN Climate Change Conference in Paris

Bangalore rag picker Paris

33 year old Mansoor Ahmed, a Bangalore rag picker, has been selected to represent India at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris, which is scheduled from November 30 to December 11.

Mansoor Ahmed will be addressing the gathering on the importance of waste segregation. Mansoor was chosen due to his work in creating awareness. Mansoor apparently convinced 75% of his customers to segregate their waste.

Mansoor has been working as a ragpicker since his childhood, and his team of 12 ragpickers manage about 12 tonnes of dry waste a month.

While Mansoor can speak Tamil, Hindi and Kannada, he is not worried about speaking in English, as he will have a translator. This story is inspirational for Mansoor, as well as all of us, as it emphasizes on the importance of segregating our trash.

Good job, Mansoor!

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