Bapu Bommalu : A Benchmark Of Authentic Beauty


When one says ‘Bapu Bomma’ – Big eyes, a sharp nose, curvaceous waist and sensual body structure, is the first thing that will come to any of our minds. Bapu is known for working magic with his pen creating those beautiful pieces of illustrations. His paintings are free from complexity yet they explain alot through those few strokes. For all the beauties we have in the two states of Telugu, ‘Bapu Bomma’ is the ultimate correlation and compliment that can be given. The heroines in the movies too define the epitome of beauty which we call ‘Achha Teluginti Andham’ 

His Heroines are traditionally raunchy and the romance in his movies too give you a fantasy to romance your girlfriend in traditional attire. His movies which are mostly women centric broke open to many social and domestic norms reminding us about gender equality. Here check this below list of his voluptuous leading ladies from all times.

JYOTHI – Toorpu Velle Railu

VANI SRI – Gorantha Deepam

DIVYA VANI – Pelli Pustakam

AAMANI – Mr. Pellam

SNEHA – RadhaGopalam

CHARMI – Sundarakanda

NAYANATARA – Sriramarajyam