Baudhayana – The mastermind behind the Pythagoras Theorem and many more


Baudhayana was a priest and also an intelligent mathematician. He is the author of the Baudhayana Sulba which was the house of some important mathematical results. He belongs to the Yajurveda School. he is considered as the first and foremost one to ever arrive at some mathematical conclusions and results that were extremely complicated to understand. These results were long later discovered by others. He was the mastermind behind the value of PI and the famous Pythagoras theorem. All these were found in the Baudhayana Sulva Sutra.01Baudhayana The mastermind behind

His book also had a solution to another problem; circling the square. His sutra in the note tackled finding the circle whose area is just as same as a mentioned square. His sutra said, “Draw half its diagonal about the center towards the East-West line; then describe the circle together with the third part of that which lies outside the square”

His book also mentioned the value of square root of 2 which is correct to 5 decimal points.02Baudhayana The mastermind behind

It is important to remember this saint and his contribution to the world of mathematics.03Baudhayana The mastermind behind