BBC says Hyderabad could be India’s next silicon valley over Bengaluru


Hyderabad, e place antey istapadani vallu chala takkuva mandi untaru. Last year, oka global survey dwara Hyderabad has become the best city in terms of quality of living among all Indian cities for the three years in a row 2015-2016-2017 and ipudu BBC lanti International media organization declared Hyderabad as Asia’s Silicon Valley and it is the best place for star ups than Bangalore.

Avunandi, BBC oka two minute video, which titled as “A tale of two Indian tech cities” ani release chesindi and adulo main ga Stan Plus ane oka startup ni highlight chestu begin avtadi. And a StanPlus co-founder Antoine Poirson kuda Bangalore kante Hyderabad eh best startups and the main reason is transportation.silicon valley

Heavy traffic and infrastructure sariga lekapovadam and adi akada quality of living meda affect padadam main reason ani Antoine cheparu. And Bangalore tho polistey, Hyderabad chala ease untadi ani and most importantly startups ki government nundi chala manchi support in terms of funding and academic partnerships undi ani kuda chepparu.

Present mana Hyderabad T-Hub, which established in 70,000 square foot is India’s biggest startup incubator and recent ga konni reports prakaram 2020 ki adi world lo leading lo undabotundani cheparu. Last month lo Hyderabad based Banyan Nation ane startup global ga chala popular aindi and it even got placed on the list of prestigious awards at World Economic Forum.silicon valley

E startup is all about the conversion of plastic waste into recycled plastic and H-Bots Robotics ane startup world lo lone firts time oka smart policing robot ni invent chesindi. It is completely India made and a robot parts ani kuda India lonive. So, anduke Hyderbad managed to beat Bangalore and titled as Asia’s Silicon Valley by BBC.

Isn’t it a proud moment for every Hyderabadi?