Breaking down the sad, delicate and beautiful song from Janatha Garage, Nee Selavadigi


Janatha Garage has won many many awards and hearts too for the message the movie carried through and nevertheless for the songs that make us relax, dance and dream. Here is one such song from the movie. Breakup scene tarvata osthadi. The visuals and the lyrics are so good that manaki kuda edupu ochesthadi.
Here is the breakdown of Nee Selavadigi.
Nee selavadigi ne kadileluthunna
With a tough farewell, I am leaving by your side

Naa kalalanni neetho vadileluthunna
I am walking away letting all my dreams sit by your side

Yenthanukunna yedho bhadha
The more I try to let go, the more I feel bad.

Melipeduthondhe lopala
This is stabbing me inside

Anukunte mari thegipoyedha
It isn’t anything simple to break with mere words

Mana anubhandam netida
We have a bond that isn’t defined by time

Bharamgaa undi nizam
The truth is drowning my heart deep under

Dhooranga veluthondi jeevitham
My life is running away from me.

Nee maate na nirnayam
Your words are my decision.

Neekosam yedhaina sammatham
I say ok for anything you like to do.