Bengaluru Man Makes World’s First Floating Android SmartPhone…And It Is SuperCool..!!


More than 82 millions phones are damaged each year after being dropped down the toilet, into swimming pools or lost at the beach.  A number of waterproof handsets have been released to solve this problem, but Comet takes it to the next level.

Not only is the Comet Android handset IPx7 water-resistant, it has been designed to float meaning owners don’t have to fish it out from the bottom of the sea, or stick their hand into a toilet basin. Comet was designed by California-based Prashanth Raj Urs who has launched an Indiegogo campaign to fund production of the device. Comet has a 4.7-inch screen, 16MP camera and runs Android. It additionally has LED notification lights, similar to those on the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.

Other features include 4GB of RAM, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 810, 2GHZ octa-core Processor and a 2800 mAh battery said to last a ‘full day of work, party and excitement.’ While a ‘mood recogniser’ uses biometric sensors to detect a person’s body temperature to gauge how happy they are.

The LED lights will then display different colours to suit these different moods.

‘Comet floats on water and will resist water like no other smartphone,’ explained the campaign. We designed Comet for the fashion forwards.  A smartphone that truly transcends time and style with its unique design and features.’

Comet additionally features an encryption tool called Qlock.


The campaign describes it as ‘military grade encryption to protect your privacy when you call or text your friends who also uses a Comet smartphone.’

It is designed to shield calls and texts between Comet handsets to make it difficult for anyone to track or spy on users.  Early Bird prices for the phone start at $279 (£180) for a 32GB handset, and the first devices are expected to ship to campaign backers in April.

A 64GB model is available for $289 (£187). After the first batch is released, the recommended retail price will go up to $399 (£258) for the 32GB version and $469 (£303) for 64GB.

Both models are available in black, white and gold. Mr Urs is hoping to raise $100,000 (£65,000) and the campaign has currently received more than $13,300 (£8,610) with 39 days left to go.

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