Bengaluru Woman Slashed Her Techie Husband’s Fingers With Knife For Checking Her Phone..!


Enraged at her techie husband for checking her mobile phone, a woman allegedly slashed his fingers with a kitchen knife.

The incident took place in Bengaluru – the IT Capital of the nation – recently.

Both husband and wife have lodged complaints against each other. The police have reportedly summoned their parents to help smooth over the situation.

Sunitha Singh and Chandraprakash Singh both of them from Bihar, have been married seven years and moved to Bengaluru three years ago. They were working for two different IT companies and Sunitha had quit her job recently.

According to Chandraprakash on the day when the incident happened, when he returned from work at around 11 pm, he found out that dinner was not ready. When asked his wife told him that food was ordered online and that it would be delivered any moment.

This led to an argument and Chandraprakash snatching the phone from her. According to some reports he found some ‘vulgar texts’ and confronted her, while Sunitha was still trying to get the phone back from her husband.

Chandraprakash confronted Sunitha about the text messages and asked her the details as to whom she was sending those messages. However, Sunitha refused to divulge details, leading to a fisticuffs between them.

Sunitha, after allegedly being slapped by Chandraprakash, took a kitchen knife and stabbed her husband causing severe injuries and suffered three broken fingers.

While Chandraprakash has approached police seeking security from his wife of seven years, Sunitha has filed a domestic abuse petition against him.

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