Best Animated Movies On Amazon Prime


Animated movies give us a feeling close to home. We can always go back to these movies to feel good after a long day. Here are some of the most beautiful animated movies in Amazon Prime that we can go back to whenever we want.

  • How to train your dragon: The Hidden World

How To Train Your Dragon 3 PosterThis is the third movie to the How to train your dragon franchise. The movie stands alone and is a wonderful watch. As the Dragon world comes into life, our favorite dragon shares a bond with a female light fury dragon. All the movies are equally good. The bond between Hiccup and Toothless is heartbreaking and makes us realize a lot of life lessons. The aerial visuals are brilliant as usual. The character arc was developed on point for everyone.


  • Spider-Man-Into the Spider-Verse

As Miles Morales becomes the new Spider-Man, this movie is a refreshing take on the Spider- Man franchise. Peter Parker is shown as a human with feelings for the first time. The Spiderverse is an alternate version where versions of spider-man’s co-exist and ally up to fight the evil. Miles Morales who is a school kid has to deal with being a superhero. While discovering his powers, he discovers much more important than powers and how to deal with the pressures of being a superhero.


  • Kung Fu Panda

Set in ancient China, a panda is the Kung-fu hero, a saviour and the warrior for the entire empire. The bumbling Panda Po and his adventures with his friends gets more interesting. An evil villain escapes prison and the prophecy predicts a hero who is our hero Po. The struggle he has to endure to be the hero that the empire deserves. Will he make it and how? Login to Amazon Prime.


  • The Lego Movie

“Everything is Awesome” and just like the movie, the song will also go in loop in your mind. Despite it being a 100 minute promotion/ advertisement, the movie holds you to your seat and delivers the same emotion that all animated movies do and more so in terms of visuals. The world is intricately created, with all the right details weaved into the character. We see ourselves cheering for our superheroes as much as in live action. This movie is exceedingly smart in how it deals with superheroes as they are given a purpose beyond their usual roles. Take a look at this movie for a quiet and feel-good evening.


  • Ballerina

Ac099dd427325eaeac0736cda0192319This movie is a reminder for us to never give up on your dreams despite how far it may seem. As the poor orphan girl gets a chance to audition for a ballet school of Paris. The story follows her dream and her will to achieve it. It is a beautiful homage to all the dreamers who constantly work towards theirs. The movie brings emotions closer with an inspiring visual treat. The elegance of the artform is visible in each frame and the protagonist’s improvement is beautifully visualized along with it.


  • The Lorax

Based on Dr Seuss’ book of the same name, the movie is an animated musical fantasy comedy. It was released on Seuss’ 108th birthday. The film further builds to the narrative in the book. The movie was also a box-office success. A kid tired of living in the artificial world, goes in search of Once-ler who knows the real reason why everything happened. The movie has a very warm tone to it and has a beautiful lesson at the end. It’s not just for children, the wisdom of the old and moustached once-ler is for any age.


  • Stuart Little

230873 Stuart Little 1400x2100 EnglishThis animated live-action/ comedy made everyone think of getting a mouse as your sibling. The relationships portrayed in the movie is beyond judgment and compromises. The movie is charming to say the least. The visual effects were nominated for an academy award. It’s a creative venture that is heart warming and makes the audience feel the emotions rather than looking at it from an outsider perspective. While the adults take away the actual meaning of family, the young ones feel cheered.


  • Dora and the lost city of gold

The movie adaptation of this ever favorite kids show is incredibly self aware of their foundation. There is a usage of humour that is self- aware and borederly a satire of the original material but none in an offensive way. The movie is very engaging and entertaining. The cast is amazing as we finally get to place Dora with a human face rather than the cartoon one. The Dora in the movie is older than the original Dora. She is in her highschool. The movie was a whooping hit due to its background and the curiosity to see the transformation of the original to movie format. The movie did a wonderful job here especially with the cast and the screenplay.


  • Shrek

Mv5bogzhm2fhntitodazni00yja0lweyn2utnjjlywqzyzu1mdg5l2ltywdll2ltywdlxkeyxkfqcgdeqxvymtqxnzmzndi@. V1 Uy1200 Cr88,0,630,1200 Al The movie which was aimed as a parody to the disney animated movie universe turned out to be a brilliant fan favorite all over. An Ogre is the Prince charming and he is not pure as the original ones. He has his own reasons for doing what he is doing and does not fall for the princess the minute he sees her. It is a progressive relationship which involves engrossing secrets and character realizations. There are also adult oriented themes and motifs throughout the story. The story was praised by critics for their extraordinary handling of the movie. The movie was BAFTA for best adapted screenplay. This further became a successful franchise.


  • Penguins of Madagascar

Penguins Of Madagascar PosterThis is a spy action comedy film. Yes-penguins and madagascar and spy in the same movie. This spinoff of the original madagascar series picks up the story right after the third movie.The penguins Skipper, Kowalski, Rico and Private embark on their own journey It is fast paced and funny with moments that it is engrossing. You do not wonder about the original characters but your sole focus on these penguins. Give it watch if you are in the mood for being downright silly and funny.


  • Asterix: The mansion of Gods

This 2014 French- Belgian movie stays true to the book plot and closely develops the character without feeling that it has been changed. As a much favorite classic of every kid, The visuals itself are authentic and are a treat for the eyes. It’s funny and classy as the comic book is. If you do not mind subtitles, then this movie is a delightful watch. Caesar’s attempt to wipe out a community is opposed by our Asterix. The touch of magic potion and his hulking friend Obelix is fun enough for a chill evening.


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