You Get The Best Authentic Food In These Places in Hyderabad

Hyderabad is one of the best places to eat in India, It is famous for its amazing flavors and spices, Hyderabad is a prime destination to savor the flavors of South India, the culinary focus of many of the city’s best restaurants, you’ll find a variety of restaurants, each one for famous for their unique cuisine or their style Here are a list of the top authentic restaurants you should visit while in Hyderabad.

Beyond Flavours

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Looking for authentic Chinese, European, Continental, North Indian and South Indian cuisines? Then Beyond Flavours, which is located in Gachibowli, is the perfect pick for you, like the name suggests is a great place to be, offering you different cuisine, with a bunch of entertainment…Beyond Flavours offers you more than just tasty food, it offers you an experience, their aim is to please the guests with a delicious eye-rolling multi-cuisine, served with warmth in a classy and elegant ambiance. So, if you looking for a special day out, you know where to go!


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One of the best restaurants in Hyderabad, which is famous for its authentic South Indian food. The South Indian platter is a must-try here.


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This place offers authentic Hyderabadi Cuisine, it’s an amazing place if you wanna try the local food of Hyderabad, Talawa Ghosh is a famous dish here.

13 Dhaba

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Here you can enjoy authentic Punjabi food, this place breathes Punjabi, you get everything here, from parathas to lassi. You name it, they have it. This place should surely be on your bucket list if you’re planning on tasting Punjabi food.


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Shadab offers traditional Biryani and Haleem, the place is loaded with flavors, the meat is cooked to perfection and the kebabs are delicious, the place is always packed and is a must-visit If you’re in Hyderabad.


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This place is amazing if you want to try out authentic Parsi cuisine. The ambiance is great, the food is wonderful, the flavors blend together perfectly in every dish.

Karachi Bakery

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Karachi is famously known for its biscuits and cakes, people visit from all over the city to try out their authentic biscuits, They also have the most authentic desi-style burgers! Pretty huge and spacious bakery with vast options to choose from

Nizam Club

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As the name suggests, this place sticks to its roots and offers authentic Hyderabadi food, the ambiance is great and truly gives you the feeling of an older Hyderabad, you should definitely try this place out.

Café Bahar

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A legendary place in Hyderabad, known for its authentic traditional Biryani, which is full of spice and flavor, Double ka Meetha and Kurbaani ka meetha is the perfect way to end your meal here.

Hotel Shah Ghouse

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Another famous place for authentic Hyderabadi Food, this place is famous for its chicken and biryani, Another must-try is Thangdi Kabab.


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This restaurant is for the people who love authentic Andhra Food. Though they offer biryani and Chinese dishes, they are famous for traditional Andhra food. Raju gari kodi pulav, korramenu tandoori are extremely popular here.

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