Dosas To Punugulu: Places In Vijayawada Which Will Satisfy All Your Breakfast Cravings

Be it the Upma Pesarattu or the Magaya Avakaya, Vijayawada is a hub for great Andhra food. These places in and around Vijayawada, makes it a heaven for foodies. And, hey, some of these places are iconic and have been serving great food for decades now. So, read to find out what makes these places the city’s favourite.

Idly ‘N’ Idly

IdlyThe name might suggest that it is a loyal idly place. But, on the contrary, this is a dosa place. Located in the Autonagar Road, this place serves 63 types of dosas. You must try their Masala dosa and Ulvachaaru dosa. Served with delicate chutneys and sambars, the foods costs somewhere around INR 80 to INR 100.

Good Morning Fast Food Place

Good MrngDo you take your breakfast seriously? Then you must visit this place. It has three outlets across the city and is considered to be the best breakfast place in the city. The Pesarattu, Tomato bath, Rawa dosa are their best-sellers. And, the Punugulu need a special mention. The place is usually crowded but hey the food and pricing is honestly worth the wait.

Babai Hotel

Babi HotelHow can we not, not speak of Babai Hotel when in Vijayawada? It was started in 1942 by Patruni Samba Murthi. An iconic breakfast place, the place is loved by the locals and many celebrities. The food here is terrific including idly, dosa, upma topped with ghee and spicy powders. Served in a banana leaf, the food is priced from INR 60 to INR 100.

Ganesh Bhavan

Sri GaneshWant to try some hatke breakfast? Then you must visit Ganesh Bhavan. They have unique varieties when it comes to dosas. Ulvachaaru Mushroom Dosa, Pizza Dosa are great. They also have Lays Dosa which is crispy, crunchy and bursting with flavours. And, if you’ve got sweet tooth, then go for their Icecream Dosa.

S.S. Idly

IdlyLike the name suggests, S.S.S Idly besides Nalanda School is extremely popular for its idly. They do not go overboard with varieties, and keep the food as simple as possible. But, what makes it great are its chutneys and gun powder that goes great with the idly. And, while you are at it, do not forget to take extra ghee packets from the place. They simply do not call this place the ‘Idly Hut’ of Vijayawada for no reason now, do they?


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