10 Best Car Camping Ideas For A Comfortable And Memorable Road Trip


Undoubtedly car camping is a fantastic experience, which everyone should try it at least once in their lifetime. Instead of just using it to travel, there are many interesting ideas, through which you can make your journey more memorable and comfortable. Here, we are giving you some ideas that you never thought of for a better car camping. Have a look:

1. Try to attach some solar powered string lights to your car’s trunk, where you can arrange a small bed to light up your sleeping evening.01Best Car Camping Ideas
2. Try to build a simple platform for your air mattress in the storage area, if you are an avid lover of road trips.02Best Car Camping Ideas
3. Try to use binder clips into the gap between car’s plastic and upholstery to arrange a sheet, which can be used as a privacy curtain.03Best Car Camping Ideas
4. Cover your drinks with cupcake liners to avoid bug-free sips during evenings.04Best Car Camping Ideas
5. Get a covered porch with two poles or sticks. It is very useful idea during Summers.05Best Car Camping Ideas
6. Try to cover the storage area where you arrange your bed with a mosquito net to escape from bugs.06Best Car Camping Ideas
7. Try to balance an easily foldable camping table on your bumper, where you can quickly create a simple kitchen.07Best Car Camping Ideas
8. Prepare pancakes batter in advance and store it in a disposable icing bags.08Best Car Camping Ideas
9. Try to have proper knowledge on what kind of campfire that you can set up in the place you go. 09Best Car Camping Ideas
10. Sometimes, your campsite won’t have all bathroom facilities, and you have to go some distance. Pack all your things, which are easy to carry.10Best Car Camping Ideas