“How the best combo of Mani Sharma – SPB came on board for this Independent Classic Musical!”


For a long time unfortunately, we could not listen to an out and out traditional Telugu independent musical which had a meaningful concept, lyrics and classical tune. The thirst for such musical video is being quenched by this one musical video “Srungaram”, which is perfect in every sense. Loosely translating to ‘The Intense passion in Love’, the musical is a story of a girl who is forced into prostitution at an early stage. She is passionate about learning and performing dance but the society criticizes her because of her being in the flesh trade. The song is about her finding her inner self with the help of her guru who explains the original meaning of “Srungaram”.01Srungaram

The song has been written, conceived by Krishna Kiriti, Directed by Rahul Jasti and cinematography was done by Aditya Lolla. They all are students of Annapurna International School of Film and Media, and to take the project forward, took the help of their Sound department faculty Sanjeev Kumar, who also did the sound design and mix for the song. The surprise element in making of the song is the team taking Melody Brahma Mani Sharma and the king of vocals S.P.Balasubramanyam on board for the composition and singing. With a budget of 2 lakh, they have started the project in last November and the final song was done by January 28th, 2017. They took two more months to shoot and for post-production.02Srungaram

Speaking about the project, an excited Kiriti says, “I wrote this song almost 4 years back in my engineering! I wrote it as a poem then. Actually I have written this song for my feature film ‘Siva RupayaVishnuve’. The major inspiration for me to touch this topic is the life story of Swami Vivekananda.My friends at film school liked the lyrics and we planned to do a music video in a small scale. But I had some confidence that any big music director might like my idea and would compose it. As I am a hard core Mani Sharma sir’s fan, we approached him first. After 2 months of trial, he read the song, he readily agreed to do it in and finished composing it in 2 days and within 15 days he gave us the final track! Getting him into the project changed everything for us.03Srungaram

It was Mani Sir’s advice to get S.P. Balu garu to sing the song. He said that Balu garu will do justice to the song. So with the help of our sound faculty, Balu garu gave his appointment and after seeing the lyric, he sang it in 2 weeks and sent us the file. Balu garu didn’t comment of any mistakes after listening the song and looking at the lyrics! He sent us voice message stating that he has given alternative words for some lines and he wished us all the best for the project. Both Mani Sir and Balu sir did not demand any price to do this song and were very supportive and had no qualms in working for the project which was being made by the beginners. We went to the shoot it atKonaseema, in more than 8 villages in and around! We used 12 locations of total. We roped in senior actor Narayan Rao Garu and by casting call we got actress Archana.

After the premiere of the song, we had many prominent people praising us for our efforts. The first poster was launched by K. ViswanathGaru, which was a huge blessing for us. And we heart fully thank Mani Sharma Sir and S.P.Balasubramanyam garu for their immense support in making our dream a reality.”

Watch the beautiful song ‘Srungaram’ here: