Top 14 Best Foods For Your Breakfast To Kick-Start Your Day

Hello foodies… welcome back. Chaala mandi diet ki surround ayyi breakfast kidistance maintain chestunaaru. Time leka interest lekabreakfast ni break chestunaaru. Aite ikkada unnavi breakfast ki best. Ivi tesukuntu Calories ki cattubadi diet ki daggara ga undachu. Items listed down are rich in fatty acids, Vitamins, Minerals, carbohydrates. Mari avento telusulukovalante scroll down…scroll down…

1. Oatmeal

14 Best Foods For Your Breakfast

Very nutritious fooduu oatmeal. Diet cheyse variki special food. Cooking chesinappudu lot of water ni soak chesukuntundi. Indulo chaala insoluble fiber undi. Morning breakfast kiee oatmeal teesukunte miru tesukune food levels ni suppress chestundi. There by all day it is useful to you.

2. Greek Yogurt

14 Best Foods For Your Breakfast

Green Yogurt is Protein based food. Carbohydrates inka Protiens yekkuvaga undadam valla lactose & Sodium content normal yogurt lo launtai. So idi very healthy food.Digestive food. Indulo unna probiotics Food intake ni control unchutundi. Weight ni control lo unchutundi.

3. Wheat germ

14 Best Foods For Your Breakfast

Wheat germ.. Immune system ni boost is a source of Whole Fiber, Protein and complex carbohydrates. Indulo unna Vitamins E & B6, Thiamine, Niacin unnai. Evi body internal systems ni boost chestai. Nutritional benefits present in this are very helpful to maintain healthy life style. Wheat germ valla cardiovascular diseases &cancer vache chances taggutai.

4. Grapefruit

14 Best Foods For Your Breakfast

Low calorie High nutritious food. Grapefruit anedi immune system ki useful. Ee fruit ki kidney lo Stones melt cheyse power undi. It is also works as natural fat burner. Miru diet lo unte healthy food kosam search chestunte Grapefruit ni Select chesukovadam better option in breakfast.

5. Bananas

14 Best Foods For Your Breakfast

When in Hurry of time..breakfast ni skip cheyyakunda undanduke Ee Banana. Banana unseasonal fruit.. very beneficial kuda. Fibre, Potassium, Magnesium, sugars anni high amount unnai. Body ki quick ga protiens andalante should select Banana in Breakfast.

6. Almond Butter

14 Best Foods For Your Breakfast

Almond Butter in the Breakfast gives health benefits. Butter ante fat emo anukuntam. But indulo unna fatty acids good Cholesterol ni build cheyyedaniki use avutundi. More surprising entante Nutritionists kuda ee butter ni recommend chestaaru. Also it protects your Skin.

7. Watermelon

14 Best Foods For Your Breakfast

If you are looking for instant weight loss..then me diet lo sure ga watermelon undali. Idi body lo unde excessive toxins ni, impurities ni clean chestundi. Watermelon unde water content feels the belly heavy. Morning ne teesukovadam valla Less amount tesuko gaane body ki complete ga andutundi.

8. Flaxseed

14 Best Foods For Your Breakfast

Flaxseeds ki warm delicious nutty flavor untundi. Flaxiseeds ni daily teesukovadam valla body lo unde LDL cholesterol reduce avtundi.. idi baga heavy weight tho badapade variki use avuddi. Morning Breakfast lo tesukovadam valla aa Soluble fibre, Omega fatty acids, Lignins body ki energy ichi active status lo unchutaai.

9. Blueberries

14 Best Foods For Your Breakfast

Blueberries daily routine include chesukovadam valla Heart Attacks vache risks taggitaai. Indulo unna polyphenols valla Blood pressure control lo untundi. Vascular health ni boost chestundiee blueberry. Body lo unde insulin sensitivity ni control chestai indulo unde bio active compounds. By adding into Breakfast your day will be active & Protected.

10. Cantaloupe

14 Best Foods For Your Breakfast

Cantaloupe ne Muskmelon ani kuda antaaru. Breakfast lo Cantaloupe ni include cheyyadam valla potassium, folate, and various antioxidants are known to provide neurological benefits body ki obserb avuthai. So, by this Brain health improve avutundi. Oka cup cantaloupe lo 108% vitamins unati mana daily requirement lo.

11. Kiwi

14 Best Foods For Your Breakfast

Small seize Kiwi fruit lo Plenty of health Benefits unnai. Indulo unde nutritional values complete ga andalante you can take it by raw. Kiwi ni breakfast lo include cheyydam valla it improves cardiovascular health, skincare, stable blood pressure levels and as serve as treatment of insomnia.

12. Cranberry Juice

14 Best Foods For Your Breakfast

Cranberries are water-harvested fruits. indulo unna vitamins mi body lo unde infections ni takeoff chestundi. Overall health ni boost chestundi. Indulo proanthocyanidin sane element urinary tract infections nundi relief istundi. Breakfast lo cranberry juice ni tesukunte your body at low risk.

13. Cereal

14 Best Foods For Your Breakfast

Cereals comes with high health benefits. Cereals helps to manage hemorrhoids and maintain body weight. Cereals lo unde edible parts of grains such as rye, oats, barley, maize, triticale, millet and sorghum valla me Blood levels, colon cancers ki distance lo undachu. Breakfast lo cereals teesukovadam valla mana body ki high proteins andi body active state lo untundi.

14. Ras berries

14 Best Foods For Your Breakfast

Ras berries are most commonly known as the goji berries. Idi oka medical fruit. Ee fruit medicines lo use chestaaru. Indulo iron, Vitamin, Zinc, antioxidants unati. Ee fruit ni breakfast lo include cheyydamvalla mana body iron levels proper ga andutai. There by reduce the tumors, quality of sleep, focusing abilities anni increase avuthai.

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