Best Inspirational Movies Of All Time

We all love movies in general. We have different preferences on account of genres. Different kind of people like different kind of movies according to their interests. I preferably like horror/thriller and romantic comedies because I like to take myself on an adventurous ride watching horror and then lighten my mood by watching romantic comedies. I’m not sure if they are correctly called inspirational movies but I believe they are inspiring in their way.

Inspirational movies have a unique tendency in them that we all love. They make us laugh, they make us cry and the most important point is they teach us life lessons. They inspire us in not getting carried away by problems and obstacles in our lives and to keep moving. In this article, I have collected the 10 most inspirational movies of all time.

Best Inspirational Movies Of All Time

  • Taare Zameen Par

Taare Zameen ParTaare Zameen Par is one of the greatest inspirational movies I have ever seen. Its an inspirational and emotional movie where a 5-year-old boy is pressurised by his family and teachers as he couldn’t live up to their expectations. He had to separate from his family and move to a boarding school where his life takes an unexpected turn. No matter how many times we watch it, it just breaks our heart and gives a chill down our spine. We just can’t handle the situation of the boy and I’m sure many kids would even feel relatable. It gives out a message of understanding and helping. Just how we feel empathic towards the boy, we should also reflect that in real life towards our children and understand their vulnerability.


  • The Lion King

The Lion KingThe Lion King is a classic hand-drawn animated film. I am a fan of animated movies but none of them even touched the level of this movie. This movie never misses a chance to make me cry and get emotional, especially during the key scene. It spreads a message of responsibility, courage and love. It brings out our soft sides and have a different view of the world. It inspires us to fight and take responsibilities for our actions. Facing and fighting our problems is the best lesson one could learn. Its an amazing experience watching this movie and contemplating about our life battles. The best part of the movie is, it’s supposed to be a kids movie but it teaches all age groups a life lesson. It’s a perfect movie to show your kids.


  • Bruce Almighty

Bruce AlmightyBruce Almighty is an inspiring film about a TV reporter (Jim Carrey) who constantly accused God on being terrible at his job and making his life miserable. To which God replied by giving all his powers to the reporter which later resulted in him making terrible mistakes which also taught us lessons. Doubting God’s powers was the first mistake he made which eventually made him regret his decisions in the end. This movie highlights on correcting our mistakes and not getting ahead of ourselves. The most important lesson I learned from this movie was to always learn from our mistakes and try to analyse it instead of blaming the Almighty for everything.


  • 3 Idiots

3 Idiots3 Idiots is one of the most popular films in India as it has melted several hearts by the friendship and love that is shown in the movie. It mostly draws the spotlight on the education system of India, but also on the way of living. The protagonist of the story (Amir Khan) has a way of living that inspired the youth of India. The movie shows the youth that doing what you love and are passionate about will lead you to happiness. Grades and certificates are not the only path to success, but knowledge and passion is. The protagonist used to say “All is well” while keeping his hand on his chest whenever he was in trouble or tensed and explained that to be a gesture of fooling his heart that everything is okay which gave him strength in facing his problems.


  • Peaceful Warrior

Peaceful WarriorThis movie is based on the book “Way of The Peaceful Warrior”. The movie is about a student from U.C. Berkeley who is living a perfect life with good looks, good friends and he was also aware of his passion. But still, he was unhappy and unsatisfied with life. He also used to have sleepless nights thinking about how incomplete he feels. One night, he meets a guide and his journey of self-discovery begins. “A warrior is not about perfection or victory or invulnerability. He’s about absolute vulnerability. That is the only true courage.” The quote is from this movie and it conveys a very meaningful message that being imperfect is perfect. As they say, its okay to not be okay.


  • The Bucket List

The Bucket ListBucket list means the list of things that you would want to experience or do before your life comes to an end. The Bucket List is about two ill men (Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman) who meet each other in a hospital as they are diagnosed with lung cancer. During their treatments, they became good friends and shared their bucket lists. One fine day they decided to leave for a trip where they can fulfil their entire bucket lists before they die. I liked the concept of this movie because it speaks of being full of life. Bucket lists are made by those who are excited about their lives and wants to live it completely. It spreads a message that being positive in life is a key to a successful pursuit of happiness.


  • Baghban

BaghbanBaghban is one of the best motivational Bollywood movies ever made. It is a family-oriented movie where a couple (Amitabh Bachhan and Hema Malini) wanted to spend time with their children as the husband retired from his job, but their children considered them as a burden and mistreated them. They separated their parents from each other and also from their grandchildren. This movie breaks my heart whenever I watch it and also teaches me the value of my family. It’s important to respect and love our family irrespective of their conditions. As the father retired in the movie, they thought there’s no use of having their parents with them and was a waste of money. This movie inspires us to be orientated with our family and take them as our priority in life.


  • The Secret

The SecretThe Secret is a self-help documentary film based on the concept of Law of Attraction. Wikipedia definition – “The Law of Attraction is the belief that positive or negative thoughts bring positive or negative experiences into a person’s life.” This movie got popular among the audience when it was released and was also featured on Oprah, The Ellen Show, Larry King, and many other media. Law of Attraction not only involves positive thinking but also refers to our actions and their consequences that ought to change the world. Our actions have consequences and our thoughts result in our actions, and that’s the inspiration we get from this movie. We gain a meaningful message that we cant expect the world to change while just sitting and waiting for it to happen, it refers to the weight of our actions.


  • Pay it Forward

Pay it ForwardPay it Forward is a movie about a young boy who started a movement of helping three people and not asking for a repayment, but instead, he wanted those three to help other three people further in their life. The whole movie is about how this movement turned out. At the end of the movie, the dots start to connect and everything starts to fall into place. This movie teaches us that life is not all about give and take. When you help someone with one hand, it should be so reserved and quiet that even the other hand shouldn’t be aware of it. It inspires us to help others and be humble about it. I support this concept and its cause, though it’s just a movie but it moved my heart.


  • Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

Zindagi Na Milegi DobaraZindagi Na Milegi Dobara is an all-time favourite movie for Indians. It means “You only live once” in English. The movie is exactly what the title means. It’s about three friends going on a bachelors trip. Each friend decides a place where he would like to visit and plans a day for the three of them. The concept that attracts me more is the activities they plan for their friends are their fears which they overcome. The whole movie is an adrenaline rush through our body even if we are just watching it on the screen and not experiencing ourselves. Life is not all about earning money and leading a very successful life but its also about adventure and fun and overcoming fears.


These movies are inspirational in their own right and teach us different chapters of life. Some show us the value of having a family, friendship and love, some inspire us to follow our passion, and some teach us to help the fellow humans in this world.

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