10 Best Loved Mobiles From The Past Which Are Still Favourites For All Of Us

Ippudu mobiles antey expandable memory, RAM, camera, dual sim, ilanti features varake parmitam. Only features chusi ea mobile tiskovalo decide avthunnam thappa mobile design, body, and user-friendly aa kada ani evaru chudatledu.

Olden days lo ala kadu mobile lo awesome qwerty keypad models undevi, andulo designs and ringtones kosame mobiles tiskuney varu. Starting stage Nokia lo vacchina konni keypad models avtey chala mandiki oka naostalgia aney cheppali.

So, here’s list of old phones that still remain as favourites and memories for all of us.

1. Nokia 1100:

Best Loved Mobiles

Appatlo worlds most selling GSM mobile handset, people went gaga over this handset ani chepocchu. Ippatiki chala people ki chala istam, use avvakapoina memory la petkoni save cheskuney vallu enadaro unnaru.

2. Nokia 2300:

Best Loved Mobiles

Butterfly shape lo keypad undey ee mobile appatlo oka sensation. Ee mobile lo polyphonic ringtones avtey oka trend ani cheppochu.

3. Nokia 3310:

Best Loved Mobiles

Chudadaniki konchem dull color lo undey ee mobile strong and undestroyable ani chepocchu.

4. Nokia 6600:

Best Loved Mobiles

Iconic model which remain as a trendsetter, stylish or killer mobile, in those days with features like gaming, camera, music player, and Internet browsing.

5. Sony P900:

Best Loved Mobiles

First ericcson model, with colossal touch screen and qwerty keypad.

6. Motorala Razr (2004):

Best Loved Mobiles

Two screen flip model undey ee mobile, thin and sleek version apatlo smartphone lantidi.

7. BlackBerry Pearl 8100:

Best Loved Mobiles

Blackberry appatlo iphone lantivi, ee mobiles use chesey vallu antey appatlo rich kids ani ardam. BlackBerry Pearl 8100 is a First handset to offer a 1.MP camera feature.

8. Nokia N Series:

Best Loved Mobiles

NOkia 2005 lo announce N series mobiles aa rojullo hot cakes la sale aiyyayi. N72, N73 and N93 models avtey full ga sale aiyyayi.

9. Sony Ericsson (Walkmen Series):

Best Loved Mobiles

Ee series lo vacchina mobiles appatlo oka oopu oopayi, main ga music feature tho walkman series (Sony Ericsson W610i), and camera models avtey crazy ga sale aiyyayi. Indulo Sony Ericsson K750, Sony Ericsson W705, Sony Ericsson W350i models trendset chesayi.

10. Nokia 9000:

Best Loved Mobiles

Rich kids ki idi laptop lantidi, chudadaniki kuda idi mini laptop la undedi. Business people appatlo ee mobile chala ekkuvaga use chesaru ee mobile.

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