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Best Mandi Restaurants In Hyderabad


The city’s freshly discovered love is Mandi. This is the most recent pattern making up for lost time in our city and is a mix of all flavors united to in one single plate. However it seems like that of a biryani yet it has its own personal flavor, taste and surface. The Journey of “Mandi” is very famous and furthermore is found in many pieces of Middle East, the word mandi is gotten from the Arabic nothing, which signifies “dew” and looks like the type of the thing. Mandi is normally made of rice, meat and flavors. The meat is made in oven yet is typically dry with legitimate mix of masala. The rice is cooked in “Dum” and a major plate containing the entirety of this with either mint sauce/tomato puree is presented with dry natural product servings and mixed greens. It is normally gone with a soup and ghawa.

While we love our fiery biryani, Mandi off late is giving it an extreme contest. This dish is turning into a top choice for Hyderabadis, particularly understudies and youthful grown-ups are burrowing it. In case you are going out with an enormous gathering of companions, and you are in a fix, mandi is the appropriate response. Here is a rundown of the top mandi places in Hyderabad.

List of Best Places To Eat Mandi In Hyderabad

1. Yum Yum Tree

Yum Yum TreeLocation: Gachibowli, Hyderabad

Nothing draws companions nearer like a mandi. Served on an immense plate, mandi is biryani rice presented with huge lumps of meat and rumali roti. This Mutton Hand Piece Mandi accompanies the handpiece, as the name proposes, and this is perhaps the most famous decisions at Yum Tree. Bedouin Music, Arabian lights, and a custom seating region, what can improve than this? It would appear that it can, their epic Chicken Stick Mandi, Chicken Wings Mandi, Mutton Fry Mandi, Special Veg Mandi and all the other things served by men in Kandura.

2. Barbecue 9

Barbecue 9Location: Secunderabad, Hyderabad

Barbecue 9, situated in Karkhana, is really mainstream for its starters, kebabs, and biryani. Yet, what we additionally love here is the mandi. They serve chicken, sheep and fish mandi. The vibe is much better than the majority of the mandi puts out there, and the meat to rice proportion is very acceptable as well.

3. Mandar

MandarLocation: Toli Chowki, Hyderabad

Mandar situated in Tolichowki, has been very mainstream throughout recent years. Mandar has different choices including our #1 chicken and sheep mandi. It likewise allows you to browse two individuals to 20 individuals. Extraordinary decision for a date or excursion with an enormous gathering of companions, we should say.

4. Ice And Spice

Ice And SpiceLocation: Toli Chowki, Hyderabad

One more spot from Tolichowki comes to our rundown. Ice and Spice serve lip-smacking chicken and sheep mandi at amazingly sensible costs. In case you are down and out and eager, this is the spot. This is likewise understudy agreeable. In this way, go get a plate of mandi after school hours with your crew.

5. Mandi@36

Mandi@36Location: Celebration Hills, Hyderabad

A rich and open café which is notable for its Mandi. It has both downsitting and table feasting administration with incredible climate. This current eatery’s menu will give you hunger energies to attempt numerous assortments of Mandis in the choice like Chicken Mandi, Mutton Mandi, Soft delicate meat on top or Grilled chicken or bubbled meat with flavors. It’s an unquestionable requirement attempt place with a crew of companions.

6. Marsala Food Company

Marsala Food CompanyLocation: Gachibowli, Hyderabad

These days, Mandi is giving an extreme rivalry to Biryanis in Hyderabad. Assuming you need to attempt one of the best Mandis in Hyderabad, this is the right decision. You can show up with your family or companions. They give you a decision to pick individuals from 2-20 individuals. The amount of rice and the proportion of meat is commendable. They have assortments of mandis in choices like Fish Mandi, Mutton Mandi, chicken Mandi and blended Mandi. So get a plate of yummy Mandi at this spot and give a treat to your range.

7. Spice 6

Spice 6Location: Global Dining, Banjara Hills

This is the one-stop for encountering the best Mandi or complete Middle Eastern cooking. You’ll discover various assortments of true Arabic rice dishes as Mandi/kabsa or delicate, succulent kababs, and can complete it with a sweet like “Kunafa”. This café offers you table feasting for Mandi with a hypnotizing inside. I truly prescribe you attempt this spot once to partake in the Middle Eastern climate.

8. Al Qaswa

Al QaswaLocation: Hyderabad, Masab Tank

AL Qaswa is a spending plan cordial café, one which you can visit with your companions or family and make some extraordinary memories, the eatery that serves legitimate Arabian cooking dishes. The spot offers you a conventional Arabian strategy for feasting and sitting on the floor-eating from a similar huge dish sense of taste has been prized in all the Mandi eateries now.

9. Aazebo, The Royal Restaurant

AazeboLocation: Hitech City, Madhapur

The bona fide Arabian feeling, quality, and taste all that anybody could search for, Mandi’s best spot in Hyderabad is Aazebo. When you venture into the café, you’ll see the Arabic custom of sitting on the floor, covers, and divider works of art. So this eatery has two branches in Hyderabad, one is in Madhapur, and another is at Tolichowki, which has as of late began. You can begin your food with Shorba, sheep soup, and assortments of starters. The Mandi will then, at that point be served on a huge platter of rich enhanced rice fixings with delicate and very much cooked sheep meat, dry natural products, and caramelized onions.

10. Mataam Al Arab

Mataam Al ArabLocation: Hyderabad, Begumpet

There are stunning spots in the other portion of the city as well, Mataam Al Arab, situated in Chandrayangutta, is a famous eatery known for its Arabian cooking, The food menu is extremely huge truth be told, and the café is a financial plan amicable café with quality food.

11. Date – A Middle East Food Affair

Date – A Middle East Food AffairLocation: Hyderabad, Jubilee Hills

Somewhere else to appreciate Mandi in Hyderabad with a total Arabian atmosphere. When you enter the eatery, you’ll see a camel and sand making the total progress. There are various ways for various seating regions like table eating, in the nursery feasting region/open air eating, private eating segments, and down seating region with appealing lighting. You can appreciate exceptionally tasty finger-licking, Mandi, here with a fantastic show at a lesser cost.