Due to their small frames, two-wheelers make a good choice for daily
commuting. Many people choose motorcycles or scooters because
they are more fuel efficient than cars. India provides a large selection
of fuel-efficient two-wheelers if you want to buy a bike. To reduce
your search for the greatest mileage bike in India, we have selected
the top fuel-efficiency bikes currently on sale in the market.



1. Bajaj Platina 100 – mileage- 72 km/l:
The Bajaj Platina 100 presently holds the title of greatest mileage
bike in India thanks to its exceptional fuel efficiency of 72 kilometres
per litre of gasoline. Bajaj Auto has also revamped the Platina 100
new graphics, alloy wheels, LED DRL (Daytime Running Light) and
electric start.
The features of Bajaj Platina include:
Engine size: 102cc, fuel efficiency: 72 km/l, power: 7.91 horsepower,
fuel tank size: 11 litres, price: from Rs. 63,130.





2. TVS Sport – mileage- 70 km/l:
The TVS Sport has been sold over 25 lakh times by TVS Motors,
solidifying its position as one of the top mileage bikes in India. The
TVS Sport has been upgraded by the manufacturer with brand-new
graphics and a sporty look. The motorcycle has an Automatic
Headlamp On (AHO) feature but no DRL.

Features of the TVS Sport include a 109cc engine with 70 km/l
mileage, 8.18 horsepower of power, and a 10 litre fuel tank. Price:
starting at Rs. 63,950.





3. Bajaj Platina 110 – mileage- 70 km/l:
The Platina is also available from Bajaj Auto in 110cc form, which has
an increase in power as well as a beautiful look and graphics. The
Platina 110 is one of India’s best mileage bikes despite having a
larger engine.
The Bajaj Platina 110 comes with:
Fuel tank capacity: 11 litres, engine displacement: 115.45 cc,
mileage: 70 km/l, and horsepower: 8.49 Price: starting at Rs. 69,216.




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4. Bajaj CT 110 – mileage- 70 km/l:
Another Bajaj motorcycle is among India’s greatest mileage two-
wheelers. The motorcycle has attractive graphics, a rack for carrying
luggage on the pillion grab rail, and a powerful engine to deliver
exceptional performance.
Features of the Bajaj CT 110 include:
Fuel tank capacity: 11 litres, 115.45cc engine displacement, 70 km/l
fuel efficiency, 8.6 horsepower, Price: From Rs. 66,298.





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5. TVS Star City Plus – mileage- 68 km/l:
India’s entry-level commuter bike with the most style is likely the TVS
Star City Plus. It has features like LED DRL, a powerful exhaust, dual-
tone mirrors, adjustable rear suspension, a USB outlet for charging
smart phones, and more.
Features of the TVS Star City Plus include a 109.7cc engine with 68
km/l mileage, 8.08 bhp of power, and a 10 litre fuel tank. Price:
starting at Rs. 72,305.




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6. Honda SP 125 – mileage -65 km/l:
One of the greatest 125cc mpg bikes in India is the Honda SP 125.
The Japanese automaker has made sure that the 125cc engine is
strong and fuel-efficient. The bike includes top-notch Honda
technology, a completely digital instrument console, tubeless tyres,
and other elements to guarantee the engine returns good fuel
Features of the Honda SP 125 include a 123.94cc engine, a 68 km/l
fuel economy rating, 10.72 bhp of power, an 11-liter fuel tank, and a
starting price of Rs. 82,486.




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7. TVS Radeon – mileage- 65 km/l:
The TVS Radeon is a tough motorcycle with a focus on fuel economy.
Also, it has alloy wheels, a computerised instrument panel with a
real-time mileage display, sporty graphics, and more. Along with
having a long and broad seat, a USB charger, larger 18-inch wheels, a
pillion grab rail with a rack, etc., the bike is very comfy.

Features of TVS Radeon
Fuel tank capacity: 10 litres, 109.7cc engine displacement, 65 km/l
fuel efficiency, 8.08 horsepower, Price: starting at Rs. 59,925.






8. Honda CD 110 Dream – mileage -65 km/l:
In terms of style and utility, the Honda CD 110 Dream is perhaps the
Hero Splendor’s opponent. The bike has features like tubeless tyres,
alloy wheels, a longer and more comfy seat, and fashionable decals,
and Honda is offering a 3+3 years warranty on it.
Features of the Honda CD 110 Dream include a 109.51cc engine with
65 km/l mileage, 8.67 bhp of power, and a 9.1-litre fuel tank. It costs
from Rs. 70,315 onwards.





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9. Hero Splendor Plus – mileage -60 km/l:
The Hero Splendor Plus is perhaps the first motorcycle in India to
prioritise fuel efficiency. The motorcycle has the best-in-class 130mm
rear brake, higher ground clearance, alloy wheels, sporty graphics,
and i3S for better fuel efficiency, among other features.
Features of the Hero Splendor Plus include a 97.2cc engine with a 60
km/l fuel economy rating, 7.91 horsepower of power, a 9.8-litre fuel
tank, and a starting price of Rs. 72,728.






10. TVS Raider – mileage- 60 km/l:
Design-wise, commuter or mileage-focused bikes are typically
regarded as dull. With the TVS Raider, however, that is not the case.

It offers a distinct sporty look, cutting-edge technology, best-in-class
performance, a striking LED headlamp, a comfortable riding position,
a split seat, disc brakes, etc.
The TVS Raider includes:
Engine size: 124.8cc, fuel tank capacity: 10 litres, mileage: 60 km/l,
power: 11.22 horsepower, Price: starting at Rs. 84,500.





written by Maryam

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