Few Best Non-Regional Movies In Recent Times Every Movie Lover Should Watch

Ee madhya online streaming platforms punyama ani theatre lo release aina konni movies 50 days lope chuse chance untundi. Ee streaming platforms valla only regional movies eh kakunda other languages like Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada and Hindi lo edaina movie hit talk vasthe chalu movies ni streaming platforms lo cover chestunaru.

Kondaru movie lovers aithe time chusukuni selected screens lo direct ga cover chestunaru. Elago subs untayi kabatti movie easy ga ardam avtundi. Ilanti movie lovers kosame ee madhya vacchina few best non-regional movies and why you should watch these movies anedi kinda mention chesam.

If you love movies without language barriers then these movies are worth watch.

1. Kumbalangi Nights – Malayalam

kumtatli nights

A beautiful family drama of love and human relationships. Kerala nativity ni perfect ga use chesukuntu two families madhya jarige ee story lo every character oka story untundi. Definite ga every character, every frame, cinematography nundi music varaku everything is beautiful in this movie.

2. Super Deluxe – Tamil

Super Deluxe

Society lo unna gender inequalities, human relations, love, lust, money and trust ane topics ni director Kumara Raja handle chesina vidhanam absolutely brilliant and heartwarming. Vijay Sethupathi is the show stealer and Samantha, Faahad, Ramya Krishna other characters the best icharu.

3. Ishq – Malayalam


Some moral policies ni love story tho blend chesi tisina ee romantic thriller ‘Ishq …not a love’ ane title justification ki taggattu untundi. Some romantic and thrilling elements unna ee movie definite ga miss avakunda chudalsina movie.

4. Virus – Malayalam


Kerala lo viral aina Nipah Virus and how Kerala people fought against this dangerous virus ane real life incidents ni base chesukuni tisina ee medical thriller worthwatch.

5. Super 30 – Hindi

Super 30

Bihar mathematician Anand Kumar and tana students studies & struggle ni base chesukuni tisina movie Super 30. Anand Kumar role ni own chesukuni Hrithik chesina performance aithe career best ani chepochu. Konchem dramatic ga untundi but tappakunda chudalsina movie.

6. Athiran – Malayalam


Mollywood industry nundi vacchina maro the best psychological thriller ‘Athiran’. Faahad Fasil and Sai Pallavi lead roles lo act chesina ee movie lo twists and surprises full thrilling ga untayi.

7. Thadam – Tamil


Arun Vijay full length lead role chesina ee action thriller mottham oka youngster murder mystery chuttu tiruguthu untundi. Intriguing writing and direction is a major plus to this action thriller. A must watch for thriller movie lovers.

8. Uyare – Malayalam


Pilot avdham anukune oka women and her love life, personal life odds ni cross chesukuni last ki tana goal reach aindha leda ane concept meedha nadiche story idi. Women empowerment, relationship and personal life balancing lanti elements ee movie lo major highlights.

9. Article 15 – Hindi

Article 15

Society lo unna caste disparities and how lower caste people are suffering sensible points ni base chesukuni tisina ee movie society ki avasaram and society lo unna prathi okkaru chudalsina movie.

10. Kaavaludaaru – Kannada


Kannada industry lo recent times lo vacchina best movies lo idi okati. Oka Ordinary police some years back jarigina murders ni a murders venaka unna culprit ni pattukune investigation scenes chala interesting ga intriguing ga untayi.

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