Top 10 Best Resorts in Bangalore with Prices

Top 10 Best Resorts in Bangalore with Prices

Bangalore or Bengaluru. the Silicon Valley of India and home to many startups and Indian companies. This Garden city also has some of the best places and best resorts to visit and stay at. If you are planning to go on a weekend trip with your family and friends and looking for the best resorts to spend quality time, then you find the best resorts in Bangalore we have listed down for you.

Check out the top 10 best resorts in Bengaluru

10. Jaladhama Resort: (Price starts from INR 1,199)

The Jaladhama Resort has been offering top-notch services and hospitality for almost 30 years, although you wouldn’t even think to expect it. This is a particularly special retreat because it is situated on a body of water, which adds to the tranquility. The environment is quite relaxing, which still guarantees the best experience. Other unique characteristics include a variety of sports and adventure activities, stunning natural settings, free parking, river excursions, and boating.

9. Olde Bangalore Resort: (Price starts from INR 1,890)

Another well-liked family resort in Bangalore that both children and adults will enjoy visiting is The Olde Bangalore Resort. You will delight in a wide selection of activities and the unusual quantity of services that the resort offers in addition to the immaculate rooms. The resort features a sizable pool in addition to several other opulent activities that guests can choose from. A variety of resort restaurants and coffee shops, a swimming pool, and several enjoyable activities are additional distinct attractions.

8. Mango Mist Resort: (Price starts from INR 900)

Visiting the Mango Mist Resort is a fantastic option for people looking for the ideal experience in Bangalore. It not only offers a variety of possibilities but also offers several activities that you might investigate. Additionally, because of the resort’s remote location, you won’t constantly hear blaring horns. Families can have some quality time together there without having any more inquiries or concerns. Numerous sports and adventure activities, a fish spa, an on-site multi-cuisine restaurant, and the ability to hold family gatherings are additional special attractions.

7. Ramanashree California Resort: (Price starts from INR 999)

The Ramanashree California Resort in Bangalore is yet another fantastic resort that’s ideal for couples, families, or even travelers alone. This is undoubtedly one of the resorts in Bangalore that you should choose for a night’s stay. One of the most stunning resorts you may stay in when visiting Bangalore is located in Yelahanka. The location has a lot to offer, particularly in terms of events and activities that one may personally check out. Other unique amenities include a sizable pool to escape the heat, a variety of fun activities, and on-site live beverage kiosks around the pool.

6. Royal Orchid Resorts, Bangalore: (Price starts from INR 1,850)

The Royal Orchid Resorts in Bangalore are the ideal choice if you wish to enjoy staying in a hut and cottage-like atmosphere. This unusual resort is situated in a secluded area where you can fully appreciate the tranquility of the setting. The establishment is spread out over an 8-acre area, giving you plenty of room to roam about and take in the rich vegetation. If you also wish to organize significant family gatherings, the location is ideal. There are also facilities for holding any kind of activity, lovely gardens for a stroll through nature, and accommodations that resemble huts and cottages.

5. Chairman’s Jade Club Resort: (Price starts from 1,100)

The Chairman’s Jade Club Resort in Bangalore is the ideal destination for couples who wish to spend all of their time together in the water. The location is also well recognized for the incredible selection of food and drinks that they offer. The location of the entire resort in such a tranquil area further guarantees a mellow and laid-back experience unmatched by anything else. If you want to partake in some entertaining and interesting activities, it is also an excellent location. Other unique attractions include water slides and bungee runners, as well as sports courts that are secure and surrounded by lush vegetation.

4. Eagleton Golf Resort: (Price starts from INR 1,440)

The Eagleton Golf Resort is one of the best resorts in Bangalore if you’ve been looking. This is a fantastic choice for those looking to take a day vacation to clear their heads. This is the perfect place to unwind and simply gather your thoughts. The resort’s unique selling point is the golf course that surrounds it. It is an entirely environmentally friendly location, with luxuriant flora covering every surface. People of all genres can visit this magnificent location and enjoy it with no additional problems. A vast golf course is available, there are many different activities to consider, and there is a multi-level designer pool. These are some more distinctive amenities.

3. Vana Resort: (Price starts from INR 839)

The Vana Resort must come in second on the list of the best and most reasonably priced resorts in Bangalore. This is the best choice for you if you wish to use therapies and other methods to reduce stress while you’re traveling. You will undoubtedly have the nicest experience there thanks to the outdoor activities they offer in addition to the Ayurvedic treatments. You won’t be able to get rid of the breathtaking surroundings or the numerous lunch selections available there. You can also explore a variety of indoor and outdoor games that they do offer. Other unique features include offers a variety of possibilities for hobbies, relaxing therapies, and mini trekking.

2. Jain Farms, Bangalore: (Price starts from INR 749 per night)

The Jain farms, which are set amidst lovely nature, are yet another fantastic resort in Bangalore for day trips. The serene area around is ideal for you to unwind and enjoy the breathtaking scenery and surrounding ambiance. One of the nicest experiences you may have there are thanks to the lush vegetation on the grounds and the variety of activities they provide. If you want to host a family reunion or other type of public function, it is also a fantastic location. In addition, the farmhouse has several open spaces, an open amphitheater, luscious lawns on both sides, and a variety of activities, including cricket.

1. Guhantara Resort: (Price starts from INR 5000 per night)

The Guhantara Resort resembles a dream from which you don’t want to awaken. This is a unique and exotic resort that is among the greatest family resorts in Bangalore. It’s exciting how this resort adopts a theme that resembles a cave. Given that it is an underground resort, you already know how exciting a trip there will be. It is ideal for those looking for a change from their routine existence. Make sure you have everything scheduled and booked in advance. A multi-cuisine food court, a lounge bar with the best music, provides massages, and both indoor and outdoor games are additional amenities.

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