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Checkout This List of Best Road Trips In South India


Road Trips are amazing, the feeling of exploring the roads, going to an unexplored destination, looking at beautiful sights, enjoying with a group of friends, playing music and singing on to it. There’s just something about road trips that other methods of travel cannot fulfill, and there South India is full of them, so let’s take a look at some of the best road trips in South India.

 Hyderabad to Araku Valley

This trip is also called the complete trip, as you get to witness everything from plains, beaches to hill stations, this trip takes you from Hyderabad to Vishakhapatnam and then from Vizag to Araku, this distance is 732 kms and it will take you around 12-15 hours

Chennai to Munnar

The well-maintained roads, great views of the sea and the tea plantations, and amazing weather make this a road trip to remember. This trip takes you to Munnar through Pondicherry which is a beautiful place and you can make a pitstop there to enjoy its beautiful culture and beaches.

Pamban Bridge

This is a 13.5KM stretch in Rameshwaram with water all around you and a soothing breeze scraping through your hair, this 20-minute drive is a must in South India. This bridge connects Pamban on the island of Rameshwaram to Tamil Nadu. If you are a biker, you should take this road.

Bangalore to Ooty

This is one of the most used roads for all the college students as part of their batch tours is a 266KM stretch. You can make a stop at Mysore, and learn about the ancient history and architecture of Mysore, the cleanest city of India. Then this road trips takes you to Ooty, which is full of unparalleled sights of the green mountains and winding roads. The roads are in great condition.

Goa to Kodagu

The Goa to Kodagu trip is a must if you’re a beach lover, this journey will take you through India’s the Western Ghats will give you stunning views of the Arabian Sea all throughout your drive. You can make pit-stops at pristine beaches and stop for coconut water at the roadside stalls. Stop at Gokarna for a glimpse into what paradise looks like and make a stop at Murudeshwar to try your hand at the best scuba diving on the western coast.

Kochi to Kanyakumari

Kochi to Kanyakumari is another sea-view road trip, this stretch of 303 Kms will take you through some beautiful passes and through some of the most popular tourist spots in Kerala. The road trip is filled with hills to the backwaters and it is definitely an experience that should be on your bucket list. This will also allow you to learn about some of Kerala’s most important historical and political destinations.

Bandipur to Periyar

This road trip is a must if you’re a wildlife lover, Bandipur and Periyar are both tiger hotspots with a huge variety of other species of flora and fauna. In fact, the entire route is lined with forests and can be a great way to explore the wildlife in this region. The area is also rich in elephant population and coffee plantations. The road trip is 531 Kms long and will take you around 8-10 hours.

Bangalore to Goa

This is the most frequent weekend getaway for college students and IT professionals from Bangalore. Enjoy the serenity of the trip with the mesmerizing beauty of the nature around you. A chain of Punjabi Dhaba’s along the route will just fit in, in this thrilling road journey. The road stretches up to 566KM and is in a very good condition.

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