Best Science Fiction Movies on Amazon Prime


As Amazon Prime gives us all from heart warming to heartbreaking and the whole genre spectrum of movies. Let us take a look at the movies in Amazon Prime in the Science fiction genre.

  • Interstellar

InterstellarWhat is this list without an epic Nolan favorite. Reserve and rewatch this movie again on Amazon Prime in those nights where sleep is a myth. For those of you who have not even heard of this movie, a small description- Set in a dystopian future, this movie explores the journey of astronauts who travel through a wormhole in search of a new home for humans and reaches Saturn! The movie bagged several awards and critic’s praise. The movie was directed and produced by Christopher Nolan. He also co-wrote the movie with his brother Jonathan Nolan. The movie features an amazing cast who have delivered their best performances.


  • Gravity

GravityEighty minutes of this 90 minutes movie is the magnanimous effort of Visual graphics artists. The movie was awarded academy awards for the same. Starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney, is a space disaster movie. As their space shuttle was destroyed due to a floating space debris, Dr Stone and veteran Astronaut Kowalski are the sole survivors. What follows are their desperate and gut wrenching attempt to live. The movie is so well taken by director Alfonso Cuaron and credits to the talent of visual effects artists. You almost feel the vacuum and loneliness inside you.


  • The Darkest Hour

The Darkest HourIt seems like a cliche theme. A group of young adults trying to survive a life threatening danger. What are they running from in this movie? Aliens! This Russian Sci-Fi action film has garnered many fans. The doomsday thriller however is a good choice for a zoom horse party. The movie is all about “do you have what it takes to survive an alien invasion”. For a fun night where you just want to be entertained and engage, take a look at this movie.


  • The vast of a night

The vast of a nightThis movie directed by Andrew Pattinson is set in 1950’s New Mexico. The switch operator and a radio jockey receive a disturbing audio frequency which could be indicative of something beyond their world. The movie was praised for the setting and its engrossing theme which keeps us on our toes. On an eerie night for a change from your usual horror movies go for this movie.


  • The Terminator Series

The Terminator SeriesHow can ever forget Arnold Schwarzenegger, the cyborg assassin! This amazing media franchise created by James Cameron has many additions to the 1984 original terminator. All movies of the series are available in Amazon prime making it perfect for a binge watching session. Apart from the cinematic marvel this franchise turned out to be, the movies are known for its action sequences and the fast pace.

  • Minority Report

Minority ReportSteven Spielberg’ minority report is set in 2054 where a specialised team has to apprehend criminals based on tips given by Psychics. A Tom Cruise, Colin Farrell and Samantha Morton starrer, this movie promises the action, a thrilling conflict of interest. Like signature Steven Speilberg films, this movie also does not compromise between human emotions and action and in fact keeps a perfect balance. At no point does action take over direction or storytelling.


  • Star Trek

Star TrekThe reboot of the original star trek series. Although the movie itself is brilliant, true star trek fans like our Sheldon would not love the movie. However, if you want to delve into the star trek universe with a fresh mind, this is perfect. The movie is primarily about James T Kirk and Spock aboard the USS Enterprise. This movie takes place in an alternate timeline due to time travel shenanigans of original Spock and Nero which was an intelligent decision from the makers as this allows the characters to be freed of their traditional picturisation. You can watch both the movies on Amazon prime.


  • Oblivion

OblivionAnother post- apocalyptic action thriller starring Tom Cruise. Although this movie is more about the grandness and engaging action as the script is criticised to be quite mainstream. The aim of the movie is to pay homage to 1970 action films which makes it worth a watch. Set in 2077, Earth is devastated majorly due to the extraterrestrial war and humans have to relocate to Titan. The movie is engrossing and the visual experience is exceptional.


  • The Matrix

The MatrixExceptionally well received by critics and audience alike, this movie has garnered a cult like following all over the world. The bullet sequence and Japanese action stunts that were integrated into the movie was a trendsetter. As humanity is trapped in an algorithm made by intelligent machines as they are being just exploited for their energy. This dystopian future will claim a lot of our attention and is worth a rewatch. Go binge the Matrix series in Amazon Prime.


  • Her

HerThis science fiction romantic comedy is refreshing in the science fiction genre. The movie explores a relationship between a man and an artificial virtual assistant. Starring Joaquin Phoenix and Scarllet Johansson, this movie takes you on an emotional ride. The movie is lauded to be one of the best films of the 2000’s. The movie is exceptionally well scripted and handled by the entire cast and crew. It’s so sweet on one side and heartbreaking on the other.


  • In Time

In TimeIn this society, there is no money but the currency system is based on time. As people stop aging after 25, you have a clock on your wrist counting down your time. The progress of genetic engineering helps humans to stop aging and drop down when the time strikes. The less time you have, the lower you are down in the economic system. How does such a normal person from the ‘not-rich’ strata survive in this world? Watch In Time as it provides a unique take on science fiction. The premise is worth a weekend night.


  • War of the Worlds

13Another Steven Speilberg creation, this movie is inspired by H.G Wells book of the same name. The movie was a box office success and bagged three academy awards. Another incentive- the movie is narrated by Morgan Freeman. This spectacle shot in 73 days follows the life of a dock worker who has to look after his children after being separated from their mother. Extraterrestrials invade the Earth and the protagonist has to do his duty and reunite the children with their mother surviving an extraterrestrial attack. The movie has various themes that will also provide you with an eye-opening afterthought.


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