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07 Best Tamil Action Thriller Movies So Far


The Action Genre has been one of the most popular genres in the Indian Cinema, there’s just something about action movies that we Indians love, maybe it’s the violence, or maybe we just hate physics and like the sight of it getting wrecked on the hands of our favourite heroes, regardless of that, The Tamil film industry has been producing top-class action movies for decades now, they seem to have mastered the art of delivering a masala action flick that is also highly entertaining to watch, so we have made out a list of the Best Tamil Action Thriller Movies that you should definitely watch


RatsasanRatsasan is an action crime thriller directed by Ram Kumar, the film stars Vishnu Vishal and Amala Paul in the lead roles, as the story revolves around a young man name Arun Kumar who wants to become a filmmaker, but his life takes a drastic turn as he becomes a police officer after his father’s death and tries to track down a serial killer.

The film released on 5 October 2018, and was a critical and commercial success, as it went on to gross over 100 crores worldwide. The film is filled with action and is a roller coaster ride of emotions, that will keep on the edge throughout its stunningly written narrative, making it one of the best action-thriller movies out there.



Releasing in 2017, Maanagaram is an action thriller film written and directed by Lokesh Kanagaraj, the film stars Sundeep Kishan, Sri, and Regina Cassandra in the lead roles, the story revolves around four youngsters who arrive in the city of Chennai, and how their lives intertwine. The film does a good job of utilizing all the characters in telling an intriguing narrative, the way that all the stories intertwine is a joy to watch, all the characters deliver excellent performances, and the film has one of the best screenplays ever seen in a Tamil Film.



Thadam is an action thriller film written and directed by Magizh Thirumeni, the film stars Arun Vijay in a double role along with Tanya Hope. The film tells the story of a murder which causes mass confusion in the police department as the murderer has a look-alike. The film was released on March 2019, to positive reviews, it went on to become one of the highest-grossing films of the year in Tamil Nadu.

What makes the film great is that it sticks to the basics, by focusing story and screenplay, and its works tremendously well for the film, the plot is filled with several twists and turns, that will keep you on the edge, the characters are realistic and believable, the actors do a fantastic job of portraying the characters. The screenplay is outstanding, making Thadam a highly entertaining suspense thriller and a must-watch.



Written and directed by Lokesh Kanagaraj, Kaithi is an action thriller film starring Karthi along with Narain and Dheena in the lead roles, the film tells the story of a recently released convict who gets involved in a drug raid and must now drive the poisoned police officers to hospital in exchange for meeting his daughter for the first time.

The film was released on 25 October 2019 to favourable reviews. The strength of the movies lies in its story, the story is gripping and entertaining. Karthi does a fantastic job and delivers a strong performance, the film has some great action sequences, and the cinematography is top-notch.



Uriyadi is a political action thriller film written and directed Vijay Kumar, the film stars Vijay Kumar himself in the lead role, along with Mime Gopi, Citizen Sivakumar, Chandru Kumar, Henna Bella, Jeyakanth Velu, and Suruli in the supporting roles. The film tells the story of 4 carefree bachelors whose lives change when they get involved in a political fight. The film was released on 27 May 2016 and is regarded as one of the best political action thriller films of all time, the film has since gone on to achieve cult status with many praising the screenplay, direction and the realistic approach of the film.


Thani Oruvan

Thani Oruvan is an action thriller film directed by Mohan Raja, the film stars Jayam Ravi, Arvind Swamy and Nayantara in the lead roles, the story revolves around honest IPS Officer and his attempt of stopping an influential scientist who uses secret illegal medical practices for profit. The film is full of twists and turns right from the start that will keep you thrilled throughout its run time, the antagonist deserves special praise because of his unique portrayal, that we are not used to seeing in these films, all the actors do a commendable job, making Thani Oruvan one of the most unique and best cop thriller films out there.



Though many might know the story from the hit Bollywood film Holiday: A Soldier Is Never Off Duty, the film is actually a remake of the Tamil action thriller film Thuppaki, written and directed by AR Murugadoss, the film stars Vijay and Kajal Aggarwal in the lead roles, as the film tells the story of an Army officer and his mission of tracking down and destroying a terrorist gang and deactivate the sleeper cells under its command. The film was released on 13 November 2012 and went on to become a commercial and critical success, it grossed over 100 crores during its runtime and won several accolades including seven Filmfare Awards South awards nominations.


Vikram Vedha

Vikram Vedha is a neo-noir action thriller film written and directed by Pushkar–Gayathri, The film features Madhavan, Vijay Sethupathi, Shraddha Srinath, Kathir and Varalaxmi Sarathkumar in the lead roles. The plot revolves around a police officer named Vikram, who plans on hunting down a criminal gangster Vedha, Vedha voluntarily surrenders and tells Vikram three stories which change his perceptions of good and evil.

Though the story is simple and one that we’ve seen many times, the screenplay of the film is what sets it apart, the actors deliver powerful performances, The direction and cinematography are top-notch and the movie makes you question what is right, and what is wrong. Simply put, it is one of the best in the genre.


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