10 Best Tamil Entertainment YouTube Channels


Since the launch of YouTube in 2005, It has significantly changed, it is now the third most viewed website in the world, and has become a platform for content creators to showcase their talent without any restrictions.

It was reported that over 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube every day, and over the years we have seen many creators that have gone on to become household names thanks to their YouTube popularity, the same goes with Indian YouTubers, at the moment Indians have some of the most subscribed channels on the platform.

If you are someone who is a fan of Tamil content, then there’s plenty of fish for you in the sea that is YouTube, we have made a list of the Best Tamil Entertainment YouTube Channels you should subscribe to…

Best Tamil Entertainment YouTube Channels

BehindwoodsTVWith over 5 million subscribers, BehindwoodsTV is the most popular Tamil YouTube channel out there, they cover the majority of the topics happening in Tamil Nadu and Chennai, from News, Politics, Tamil Movies, Personality Interviews, to Movie Reviews and Social Awareness, if you are someone who wants to know everything happening in the state of Tamil Nadu, then BehindwoodsTV is your one-stop shops for all the news and entertainment.

Mic SetMic Set post comedy sketches and videos, that have a funny take on everyday life situations, Joining on July 5th 2017, the channel has over 13 videos, with over 35 million views and over 4.4 million subscribers, making them one of the top Tamil Entertainment YouTube Channels, if you are looking for Tamil comedy sketches on YouTube, then Mic Set is a great option.

Jump cutsJump Cuts is a Tamil Entertainment channel created by Hari and Naresh, and as the name suggests, they make interesting and entertaining videos with the help of Jumpcut editing, the stories range from things they’ve encountered in their day to day lives or funny incidents from their childhood stories. The channel has over 100 videos, with over 1.94 million subscribers, if you fancy film making or are a fan of cinema, you should definitely check their channel out.

NakkalitesOne of the most popular Tamil channels on YouTube, Nakkalites made a name for themselves making comedy videos like Tamil troll videos, Political satire videos, and Alapparai series, they have been producing quality content for over 3 years now, and have over 2.61 million subscribers, and put out 194 videos in total with a milestone 350 million views overall, making them one of the top YouTube channels.

Black SheepIf you are looking for an infotainment channel in Tamil, then Black Sheep should be on the top of your list, Black sheep, previously known as Smile Mixture provides Infotainment videos that are also entertaining to watch, their content can be viewed by people of all ages, they have a huge load of videos on their channel, so you won’t ever run out of things to watch, the channel is quite popular with over 3 million subscribers.

Madan GowriMadan Gowri is an Indian YouTuber who creates videos in the Tamil language, he has quickly become one of the most liked Tamil YouTubers in the community and enjoys a good social media following, his videos cover different topics, from music videos to informative videos, the man seems to know all. The channel has been consistent for over seven years now and has over a thousand videos in its disposal, with over 3.4 million subscribers.

ParithabangalThe channel feature famous YouTube stars Gobi and Sudhakar as they cover hilarious topics that will definitely make you laugh, the channel is extremely popular in the Tamil circuit and the duo enjoys a loving and caring fans base, so much so that, they made Asia’s Largest Crowd Funded Movie with over 25 thousand producers and over 150 brands sponsoring the movie, the channel has over 200 videos on its YouTube Channel with over 1.97 Million Subscribers.

Put ChutneySince starting in 2015, Put Chutney has been putting out original and quality content for its viewers consistently, they have over 350 videos that cover various topics ranging from humour to social messages, the channel is owned by The Aleph Group Pte Ltd, Singapore, and has over 144,052,601 views with over 1.26 million subscribers, if you are someone who loves watching funny Tamil videos and spoofs of Tamil movies then you should definitely check Put Chutney out.

Eruma SaaniEruma Saan is a comedy channel that puts out funny comedy sketches, bloopers, web series and fun games, their hit dialogues like Hi Aunty are still popular among the youngsters, and videos like Tamil Vs English and Engineering Vs Arts have gone on to get a cult status in the Tamil Community, few of their videos also have social messages which are really inspiring, the channel was started in 2017 and has over 56 videos with over 191 million views and 2.45 million subscribers.

Tamil TechIf you are a tech geek or someone who is really interested in the latest and upcoming technology, then Tamil Tech is the channel for you, it is the worlds number one technology channel in Tamil, the founder of the channel Tamil Selvan focuses on Mobile phones, Gadgets reviews, apps, Comparisons, Facts as well as Tech news. The great thing about the channel is that they provide honest and unbiased reviews on the latest releasing gadgets, the channel has over 146 million views with over 1.84 million subscribers.

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