RRR To Sita Ramam: We Ranked Top 10 Best Telugu Albums Of 2022

Ee year lo occhina movies lo the best cheppamante…RRR, Sita Ramam movies top list lo untayi. Alane the Best Telugu Albums Of 2022, gurinchi adigina kuda ee 2 albums eh first untayi. Sita Ramam is the best album of the year andulo doubt eh ledu..and idi kakunda ee year release aina movies lo best albums and Top 10 Best Telugu Albums Of 2022 lo unna albums lo em unnayi anedi oo sari chusthe.

Here’s The List Of Top 10 Best Telugu Albums Of 2022

10. Virata Parvam Album

The soulful songs of Virata Parvam went unnoticed as the movie became a disaster at the box office. But every song from the album is a gem…especially the Kolu Kolu, Pain of Vennela and Dharulaniyu Moose were too good to listen to.

9. Karthikeya 2 Album

Krishna Trance – Krishna Flute Theme is the first thing one should talk about if we talk about the music of Karthikeya 2. Kala Bhaiarava composed flute theme became a ringtone and Instagram reels number.

8. Major Album

Hrudayama is the best love song this year. The lyrics, tune are fresh as a breeze and the other songs like Jana Gana Mana, Oh Isha soul of the movies.

7. Sarkaru Vaari Paata Album

Another big album from the man Thaman this year for Superstar. He definitely gave a good album to MB, Ma Ma Mahesh dance number ruled our playlists. The other songs were good too.

6. Radhe Shyam Album

Ninne le Ninne Le….song is the best pick from this album. And also other melodious songs like Ee Rathale and Nagumomu Tharale are the best from the album.

5. Khiladi Album

Movie result pakkana pedithe DSP konchem interest petti chesina album idi. Full Kick, Atta Sudake already vinna tunes la unna kuda manchi mass and entertaining songs from this album.

4. DJ Tillu Album

The mass and most entertaining album of the year. Tillu Anna DJ song ki state antha dance esindi. And also Pataas Pilla, the romantic number, ruled the playlists this year.

3. Bheemla Nayak Album

Akhanda taruvatha Thaman compose chesina albums lo ee Album konchem impact chupinchindi. La La Bheemla song took the playlist by storm and the title song sung by Mogilayya also did the same.

Asthma istam melodious one sung from Chitra garu is favorite for many of here.

2. RRR Album

RRR, ee movie oka euphoria and ee movie lo Naatu Naatu inko euphoria. Naatu Naatu song create chesina Euphoria ki Telugu states tho patu South North ani theda lekunda India antha oogipoindi. Not only in India, Western countries lo kuda ee song oka oopu oopesindi.

Komma Ooyala song is the soul of the movie and Komaram Bheemudo song, Ramam Raghavam song are the backbone to the movie.

1. Sita Ramam Album

Assala okko song okko gem….ee movie and ee movie lo songs mind lo nundi povatle. Ee Album ni beat chese album ledu ee year lo and ee songs inka loop lo vintunnaru audience. Inthandam song lyrics, tune, visuals anni ee album lo the best.

Kannunnna Kalyanam is a soothing melody from the album, Oh prema the best break up song in recent times ani chepocchu.

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