05 Best Telugu YouTube Channels In India

When in lockdown we all were bored also covered almost all web series, and YouTube videos, mostly our Telugu YouTubers were the most prominent entertainers. They would save the day, we all would complete all the videos we have been missing out to watch, not to brag. Still, we have some of the best entertainers in this industry, actually why not see who all are the best at entertaining us, let’s see the best Telugu YouTube channels we have.

Best Telugu YouTube Channels and YouTubers

1Jahnavi Dasetty who is known to have “Mahathalli” YouTube channel is a mainstream Telugu Youtuber and a short film entertainer. She uploaded her debut comedy web series “Mahathalli Mahanubhavudu” on her YouTube channel Mahathalli. She began acting in short films and later chose to turn into a full-time performer.

After making a couple of short films, she started her comedy series “Mahathalli Mahanubhavudu”. Her web series got a tremendous reaction from the crowd. From that point onward, she began uploading satire skits on her YouTube which the majority of the public related to. In her YouTube profession, she teamed up with film stars like Vijay Devarakonda, Ritu Varma, Sushanth and so forth. She has 1.71 million subscribers!

She is a perfect example of women empowerment. Managing both personal and professional life is not an easy task, but she does it with ease. Much power to you Mahathalli, you rock!

3My Village Show is a mainstream YouTube channel began by Sriram Srikanth. It is a village-based channel in Telugu, started at Lambadipally in Telangana. The channel uploads recordings that speak to the town way of life and culture by adding some amusing to it. They do short movies, film promotions, and sponsor videos.

The channel has around 1.73 million subscribers from all over the world. The most mainstream uploads on their channel are ‘Town lo Drunk and Drive’, ‘Gangavva Beram Adithe’, ‘Town Pubg in Real Life’, Village 31st Dawath’, ‘Sammakka Sarakka Jatara’, and so on. They are additionally renowned for our Desi style variant of world-popular ‘KIKI CHALLENGE’ and thus turned into the champs of the test.

They likewise have another YouTube channel named My Village Show Vlogs. Video blogs of everyday life exercises, town culture, celebrations, and so on., are caught and uploaded on this channel by Sriram Srikanth. It’s wholly the collective effort of all the crew of the village show, but the silver lining is undoubtedly our favourite “Gangavva”. Her dialect gives us all energy and makes us all love her. She surely knows how to live life in a magnificent positive way. Keep going Gangavva, we all love you.

2Harika Alekhya’s entrance into the YouTube land occurred by some coincidence. She was chilling with friends when one of them recommended her to attempt her karma in short movies since she had a slang and an acting style that quickly fell into place. She went a tried out aided by her friend and featured in a 5-second film.

From that point, she began her channel Dhethadi highlighting general substance which became famous online,” reviews Harika. The enormous and moment prominence that followed made it hard to shuffle her activity in Amazon and making recordings for the channel. In this way, the 22-year-old YouTuber, in the end, quit her place of employment and turned into a full-time blogger. One could state, Harika was made to be on camera as her fantasy was to turn into a choreographer. Yet, destiny hinted an enlistment in the MPC stream and later a BBA degree in St Ann’s College, Mehdipatnam.

“I wasn’t regular in going to school, yet I used to score good marks in tests. My amma would excuse me when she saw my grades,” who later found a new line of work in Amazon. After she acted in her first short film named Viva where she performed in the role of Sita, she was later offered a web series called Chitra Vichitram with notable grapple Ravi. “The occasion, the director stated, ‘Roll Action Camera, I just stood and viewed the opposite person. I didn’t have the foggiest idea what to do when they said that’, I was frozen when I began the shoot.

It was distinctly with the help and support of my mom that I turned into the star today,” says Harika. Her spunky soul before long grabbed the eye of Tamada Media who allowed her the chance to begin her channel, Dhethadi on YouTube where she amassed 8 lakh adherents. Harika Alekhya’s first video Frustrated Telangana Pilla got 3.5 million views. As per now she has 1.31 million subscribers, keep entertaining us the way you always do Harika.

Pakkinti KurraduHe is the boy next door! In the You Tube video field; it truly takes development to stand apart from the group and Chandrasekhar Sai Kiran otherwise known as ‘Pakkinti Kurradu’ does it with his humour and a capacity to stretch the limits continually. Within excess of 50 recordings shockingly and a large portion of them averaging at around 5,00,000 views, it is a stunning example of overcoming adversity by any measure and something not many 25-year olds would dream of.

An ardent film buff, Chandu Sai as he is affectionately called, holds a diploma in film technology from Chennai and prepared with veteran entertainer Devadas Kanakala before making a mark with his debut series. The youthful entertainer says, “Growing up I was a tremendous fan of Chiranjeevi and was constantly charmed by his movies. In the wake of moving to Hyderabad, I met Harsha Basava of Tamada Media through shared companions and pitched the idea to them which they enjoyed.

” The rest as is commonly said is history and the millennial YouTube star. With recordings like Telangana Dostulu, Caste Enti and Love and Doubt, he is rounding up stunning hits and likes with each trip via web-based media. Chandu is that of a youthful person navigating through life, and he makes it relatable through the themes he picks.

Telugu internet programming has consistently been stuck in a ‘protected’ zone, and the youthful entertainer initially made a mark with the youngsters because of the striking substance of his videos and the way that he didn’t avoid subjects like sex and virginity.

Vikram AdityaVikram Aditya has been YouTubing for more than four years at this point, a minuscule measure of time thinking about his extreme prevalence. In the developing horde of Telugu Youtubers, Vikram has made a speciality for himself by having faith in the appeal of his verbally expressed word. He is not the same as others in that he engages the watcher through information-based videos. He untangles why Kattappa killed Baahubali in one video, while in another he drills down the ten worst jobs in the world. He is down for anything — maybe all points trending on the web discover their way into his videos. He finished my post-graduation in Medicinal Chemistry from NIPER. Following, then began a business.

It was an instructing focus called Pharmula Academy. He started it with a minuscule venture of Rs 3,000, with the point of preparing understudies getting ready for NIPER. In under three years, the institute was recording a yearly turnover of Rs 1 crore. Inside no time, it turned into the principal instructing focus in Andhra Pradesh. Nonetheless, his dad needed him to find a government service job. Thus, he applied for and got put in a situation with the State Bank of India. He needed to shade his academy at that point.He had no satisfaction from the activity. He used to have this nagging feeling that something was wrong.

At some point, as he was thinking about his childhood, He happened upon a special acknowledgement. He had consistently been welcoming, a decent audience and a powerful speaker. He had conveyed a few inspirational talks in different schools. He understood that this while, people loved listening to him. It didn’t make a difference to them what he talked about — they generally heard definitely. It additionally happened to him that he was acceptable at educating and talking since he cherished sharing his insight, regardless of the subject.

He chose to begin YouTubing, to tell his thoughts and information to the world. For the initial nine months, he had relatively few followers. Numerous individuals criticised him for his voice and how he presented the videos. He didn’t lose faith. He continued, and before long, got one of the top Telugus YouTubers. He was criticised for his method of talking since he articulates each word loud and clear and straightforward, yet that is actually what isolated me from the horde of Telugu YouTubers.

He has 1.72 million subscribers. Also, people from all over the world watch his videos and to understand; every video has subtitles given below. May he keep going and never stop giving information in his own unique way. Well! These five channels have entertained us. Out of many, and there are also many budding YouTubers and other YouTubers who are in fame already. So, who is your favorite YouTuber?

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