Batman V Superman With A “Desi” Twist Is Here To Make Laugh Like Crazy..!!

Batman v/s Superman Dawn Of Justice might not have exactly set the cash registers ringing, but then our fellas took it for a whole new spin, making it hilarious beyond measure. Have you ever thought how DoJ would place and occur in an Indian (throw in a little of South Indian touch) setup with cultural diversity being the huge part of it? Don’t worry, you don’t have to do that thinking part as this video shows us exactly that scenario.

Shudh Desi Endings uploaded this video which shows Superman as ‘Subraman’ and Batman as ‘Bhaisman’ fighting because Bhaisman dropped Sambhar on Subraman’s girlfriend. The South Indian accent gives it a rich hilarious touch.

Don’t miss out on Bhaisman’s batmobile. ?

( Source : StoryPick )

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