Bhairava Kona gurinchi konni interesting vishayalu


Bhairavakona is a holy place situated on the heart of Nallamala Hills, at 6 Kms from Kothapally village of CS Puram Mandal in Prakasam District and this is situated in the Eastern Ghats in the borders of Nellore and Prakasam. This place is home to an ancient Shiva temple. An interesting feature that attracts devotees to Bhairavakona is that the moonlight falls on the idol of goddess Parvati at a temple there on Kartik Poornima day.Bhairava Kona 1

According to a legend, Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi once visited the place and they were captivated by its beauty. They left a Shivalingam at the place that resembles the one at Amarnath. The temples date back to 7-8 AD, according to the estimates by archaeologists.Bhairava Kona 2

Another legend describes that a shepherd named Bhairava Kondiah from neighboring village use to feed his cattle in this region. After some period of time, his flock increased in thousands and the water in that region fell short. Then his flock began to cry for water.Bhairava Kona 3

Kondiah, by seeing his cattle distress, went to the spring took bath in it and prayed to God that he would sacrifice his head if the thirst of the cattle was slaked.

Right after he prayed, plenty of water began to spring up and the flock quenched their thirst. Then Kondiah went to his village and informed this miracle to all his relatives and friends and returned to that spring with all offerings to worship the God. After the feast all went back to home but Kondiah stayed back at the spring to show his gratefulness to god. As his prayers were fulfilled hanged himself to a branch of a tree by tying his hair to it and hewed his head with a sword. Later, his relatives started searching for him and came to that place. They were shocked to see his dead body. Then they buried the body with head in a stone near the spring and thus from then the stone became the place of worship over there.Bhairava Kona 4

After the death of Kondiah his funeral made with stone became the place of worship to all the devotees. Even today one can find the plenty of water flowing out from that spring continuously. Thus Bhairava Kona became famous.Bhairava Kona 5

There are many more stories to this too.