Bhangarh Fort Deaths: Is It Really a Haunted Place?

Deaths at Bhangarh Fort

The Bhangarh Fort is a 17th-century fort built in the Rajasthan state of India. It was built by Bhagwant Das for his younger son Madho Singh I. The fort and its precincts are well preserved. Deemed as one of the most haunted places in the world, Bhangarh fort’s haunted stories are bone-chilling yet fascinating all at the same time. The legends and stories related to Bhangarh make up for an interesting account.

Bhangarh Fort Deaths - image of fort

The Angry Sadhu

According to legend, a sadhu named Baba Balak Nath lived on top of the hill where the fort was built, and it was his condition that any houses built in the precincts of the fort should not be taller than his house, and if the shadow of any such house fell on his house, it would result in destruction of the fort town. This condition was honored by all except Ajab Singh, who added columns to the fort that cast a shadow on the ascetic’s house. The angry sadhu’s curse led to the ruin of the fort and the surrounding villages.

The Beautiful Princess

 According to one popular folk tale, a wizard adept in black magic named N.K. Sinhai fell in love with Ratnavati, a beautiful Bhangarh princess with many suitors. Knowing that he has no chance with the princess, one day, the wizard followed her to the marketplace and offered her a love potion, however she refused it, throwing it onto a large boulder that consequently rolled onto the wizard and crushed him to death. Before the wizard died, he supposedly made a cursed that Bhangarh would be destroyed soon and no one would be able to live within its precincts. Subsequently, Bhangarh Fort was invaded by the Mughals from the north and the city was surrounded and sacked, and all inhabitants including the princess were killed. According to legend, the present state of the fort is the result of the wizard’s curse, and the ghosts of the wizard and princess haunt the fort. Local people believe that the curse will be lifted someday when the princess is reborn and visits the fort.


The Bhangarh fort is famous all over the world for its haunted stories, a number of incidents have been reported over time, people believe this place to be cursed and refer it to as “Bhoot Bangla” a place where spirits and ghosts live. There have been many claims of seeing ghostly apparitions along with the reports of music and dancing coming from within the city and fortress. It is rumored that anyone who stays at the fort after sunset, does not return back. The Government of India has set up a signboard issuing a warning regarding the incidents and no one is allowed in the fort after sunset.

Bhangarh Fort Deaths - a view from top

One of the Bhangarh Fort incidents is that of two young boys decided to spend the night in the fort but never returned home. Similar to this tragic incident, another boy decided to visit the fort during the night with lighting equipment but fell in a steep well located in the middle of the fort. Although he was rescued immediately by his friends while he was being rushed to the hospital, the car got crushed in an accident and all three died on the spot. Another incident rumored is that a group of tourists once bribed the keeper of the fort to let them inside the complex of the Bhangarh fort after nightfall. In spite of the warnings, the group ventured into the realms of the fort, where they noticed a boy sitting alone inside one of the rooms. The creepy part was that there were no accessible doors or windows in the room.

Bhangarh Fort Deaths

Some people believe all of this to be true, while others consider it just rumors and the real reason for deaths are tigers and leopards. Whether you choose to believe or not believe, The Bhangarh for sure is a fascinating place.

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