Biggest Fan Of Shahid Kapoor? Prove It with #QuizOnWirally !


Actor Shahid Kapoor, is someone who burst on to the silver screen with his utterly cute looks and impressive dance moves, has over the years metamorphosed into one of the most accomplished actors of our generation. With roles ranging from deranged son in quest of his father in Haider to gritty goon with a lisp in Kaminey to well the rural rowdy in R..Rajkumar, this actor has done it all. With almost 8 Million followers on Twitter, we at Wirally, decided to go crazy and treat his fans to the ultimate Shahid Kapoor Quiz.


Arey wah!! You Know Shahid better than we do.

Have you ever watched his movies, like seriously?

#1 This Book, Gifted To Shahid Kapoor, By His Father when he got on to a flight changed his lifestyle forever?

#2 Which movie of his, stars both Kareena Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra with him?

#3 What was the name of Shahid Kapoor’s Dog, which passed away last year?

#4 At which religious group’s gathering did Shahid Kapoor meet Mira Rajput (his wife) for the first time?

#5 What Name Appears In Shahid Kapoor’s Passport ?

#6 Which Fighter Jet did Shahid Kapoor fly during the shoot of the film “ Mausam” ?

#7 Which legendary Boxer did Shahid Kapoor star with in one of his movies?

#8 In which year did Shahid Kapoor get the honor of Asia-Pacific’s Sexiest Vegetarian Man.

#9 Which of these is NOT endorsed by the actor?

#10 In Which Movie Does Shahid Kapoor Die And Is Sent Back To Earth To Finish One Last Job ?


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