Biggest Indian Food Myths Busted – Part 2

Some people might even call India as the land of superstition, be it because of culture or tradition, there certainly are many myths in India, myths are often confused with facts and people easily believe them, today we are going to take a look at some of the Indian myths:-

Don’t Drink Milk After Eating Fish

Indian Food MythsWe’ve all heard this, fish and milk can be a deadly combination, people believe that drinking milk after eating fish can leave spots on your skin, however, this is false, milk and fish are a healthy combination and there are a lot of delicious recipes involving milk and fish combo!

Don’t Swim or Shower After a Meal

Indian Food Myths

People believe that swimming or taking bath right after a meal is not good, but the actual reason behind it is that swimming and showering after a meal might deviate blood flow to other body muscles and lead to cramps drowning your muscles.

Drinking-Water In between Meals Affects Digestion

Indian Food MythsWe’ve heard it from our parents that drinking water between meals affects digestion, but the truth is drinking water simply fills up your tummy and as a result, you tend to eat less. It’s a great way to eat less especially when you are dieting!

Eating foods in the Mid Night can be Fattening

Indian Food MythsEating late at night does not make you fat, its what you eat at night, that makes you fat, research has confirmed that people usually eat unhealthy food at night, thus making them fat.

“Cholesterol is Bad”

Indian Food MythsThere are two types of cholesterols, one is good for you and the other is bad, good cholesterol is essential in keeping your body functioning, so it is important.

Consuming KesarDuring Pregnancy makes your Baby Fair

Indian Food MythsEating saffron (Kesar) during pregnancy won’t make your baby fairer, the color of your baby depends on the parent’s genes.

A Swallowed Chewing Gum Gets Stuck To Your Intestines: FOREVER!

Indian Food MythsThis scared us all in childhood, right? The fear of dying due to gum, but it’s a lie. in fact, gum can pass through your system as easily as any other food item. It’s probably not broken the same way other food items do, but eventually, it will pass through your system.

Apple Seeds Can Kill You

Indian Food MythsMany people believe that eating apple seeds will kill you as they are poisonous, however swallowing one or two seeds will not kill you. According to research, you will need to finely chew 200 seeds to have a fatal dose.

Desi Ghee Will Harm You

Indian Food MythsThough ghee might look like a lot of calories and fats, the truth is that it is indeed much healthier than all the other sunflower, olive, and other perceived healthy oil, as it helps maintain the good fats in the body.

Papaya Should be Avoided During Pregnancies

Indian Food MythsMany people believe that papaya can be harmful during pregnancy, however, this is not true, Papayas are full of Vitamins and Minerals which is beneficial for the woman who is pregnant and eventually for the baby.

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