Birthdays have to be celebrated but in a way that is good to


Birthdays are something that is looked forward by one and all. We plan outing with our friends and family. Book places to treat them and have all the fun all day. Birthdays were once celebrated in a certain way according to what our ancient stories read out. But, as time changed, we moved to western way of celebrating it. According to Brahmasri Chaganti Koteshwar Rao gaaru, this is how birthdays should be celebrated. He says that one should never say no to your birthday. One has to celebrate it and by following the below mentioned procedures.

Here are the things to be followed by the person whose birthday is on the day.

1. He/she has to wake up early in the morning, apply oil to his head and have a thorough bath.rules birthday (1)
2. Take blessings from your parents and teachers.rules birthday (2)
3. Consume a mixture of til (nalla nuvvulu), jaggery and cow’s milk thrice.rules birthday (3)
4. Recollect and remember the 7 chiranjeevis Aswathma, Bali, Vysa, vibhishana, Hanuma, Krupacharya, Parashurama.rules birthday (4)
5. Perform puja of your Kuladevata (family Deity). If possible, also offer abhishekam too.rules birthday (5)
6. Observe brahmacharya on that day.rules birthday (6)
7. Charity in the form of any means should be performed on the day.rules birthday (7)
8. Stay away from blowing candles.rules birthday (8)