Bizarre Lyrics That Are Twisted And Turned Hummable By Harris Jayaraj


Harris Jayaraj is one of the most respected South Indian music directors. His songs have been known to be melodious and extremely catchy. However, one aspect that has always almost been a constant with his songs are the inclusion of bizarre and downright hilarious lyrics in songs that make no sense at all. Sure, part of the credit must go to the lyricists, but Harris has successfully made them a part of Tamil mainstream cinema and for that, total props to him.

This article has been written in jest and is intended to make the reader laugh over the sheer genius of the man. He has transformed as well as bought in phrases that would make one sound silly in normal conversation, but are now common place. Here are five phrases from Harris’s songs that are absolutely foot-tapping-ly good.

  1. Uyirin Uyire (Kaakha Kaakha) – Omoha See Ya

Uyirin Uyire (Kaakha Kaakha)

One of the biggest musical hits over the past decade or so is surely Kaakha Kaakha and the music took the movie to a whole another level. However, in the song Uyirin Uyire, Harris samples some of the funniest sounds (*Omoha See Ya*). The song is shot wonderfully with Surya and Jyothika, but if you are one of those who hummed along with the bizarre, almost Japanese sounding intro of the song, you are absolutely not alone in Tamil Nadu!

  1. Honey Honey (Ayan) – Honey Honey

Honey Honey (Ayan)

This song from the movie Ayan is a racy number with an absolutely stunning Koena Mitra set in a bar backdrop. The lyrics of the song make absolutely no sense at all (*Octopus’un baby, naan dhaanundhan toffee* for example) but it sure made everyone jive. The soundtrack for the album was well appreciated and was a hit. However, only Harris could ever make a song with senseless lyrics come to life with his genius.

  1. Andangakka (Anniyan) – Yeela Yeela

Andangakka Anniyan

Probably one of the best and freshest albums to have come out in Tamil cinema was Anniyan starring Vikram and directed by Shankar. However, the song Andangakka has some absolutely ridiculous lyrics (*Yela Yela*) that only Harris could have ever pulled off in a major Tamil film. The song is a colourful rendition and is one of the catchiest ever. The senseless parts make the song even tripper, if I may, and just adds to the sheer genius of the man.

  1. Yellae Lama (7Aum Arivu) – Yellae Lama

Yellae Lama (7Aum Arivu)

Another Surya-AR Murugadoss-Harris partnership after Ghajini, the phrase “Yellae Lama” made no sense in no conversation whatsoever till that point. However, upon the movie’s release, everybody was singing along to what was probably the catchiest song of that year. Another hysterical Harris masterpiece.

  1. Hasili Fisili (Aadhavan) – Hasili Fisili

Hasili Fisili (Aadhavan)

Surya just knows how to pull off a Harris classic considering the fact that he features four times on this list. The phrase Hasili Fisili from Aadhavan is yet another track that would make any carefree, happy go lucky singer feel right at place. The song is otherwise a nice, soothing melodious one that we have all come to love Harris for! Only Harris is capable of such genius and we hope to hear more of his magic over the years.

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