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30 Best Black And White Films In Telugu Every Movie Freak Should Watch

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Malayalam cinema la mana vaalu natural ga thiyyaru enduku ana daniki answer ga ee madhya konni telugu cinemalu vastunayi, ivani raka mundhe 50’s and 60’s lo mana NTR and akkineni, and telugu cinema creators aa rojullo entha naturality ki dagara unna cinemalu chesaru, ippudu method acting ani adi idi ani antaru kada, hollywood valani thega pogidestam(of course they deserve it), veelu yevaru modalu yettaka munde mana actors aa rojulo aa acting chesi unnaru, telugu cinema greatness and its magic telsukovali ante black & white loki velalsinde, vellandi, time kudirinappudu chudandi, kudarakapoina chesukoni aa magic lo munigi thelandi

1) Mayabazar

Almost ee cinema andaru chusesi untaru, chudani vaalu unte chudamani nenu cheppanu, endukante ilanti cinema lu chudali ante adrustam undali…

2) Gundamma Katha

This is also a multi starer with 90% comedy. You can see Suryakantam’s acting skills reaching to peak in this movie.

3) Missamma: Another full length comedy (except for a few scenes).

4) Mooga Manasulu:

The story is based on reincarnation of humans. I was a great fan of this movie once upon a time. The songs are super melodious.

5) Manchi Manusulu:

First half of the movie would be hilarious while second of fully sentimental

6) Vuyyala Jampala:

I exactly don’t remember the story But the song ‘Konda gali tirigindi’ is really marvelous.

7) Jarigina Kadha:

A sad story. But must watch for Jaggaiah’s performance. “Bhale Manchi Roju” is one of the melodious songs in this movie.

8) Jagadeka veeruni Kadha:

If you are a fan of folklore movies you can watch this. Later, based on this story, another movie starring Chiranjeevi and Sridevi was made. That is ‘Jagadeka veerudu, Atiloka Sundari’

9) Gulebakavali Katha: Another folklore movie.

10) Aggi Ramudu: Still another folklore story…

11) Iddaru Mitrulu:

A story of separated identical twins. Many movies were made based on this theme later. This huge hoarding would appear in front of every theater those days. That is ANR.

12) Ramudu Bheemudu:

Another story of separated identical twins, casting NTR.

13) Preminchi Chudu: A full-length comedy.

14) Kanyasulkam:

The movie is based on the play written by famous Telugu writer Gurajada Apparao. If you can understand Vizianagaram dialect you will really enjoy the story. Savitri’s action is superb in this movie.

15) Antasthulu: A suspense thriller.

16) Appu Chesi Pappu Koodu: 80% comedy.

17) Illarikam:

Another humorous story. Must watch for Relangi’s action.

18) Chivaraku migiledi:

A story based on Psychoanalysis. A bit serious movie.

19) Devadasu:

The story is based on Bengali writer Sarat Babu’s novel. If can toletate pathose for few hours, you can watch this story to see acting skills of Savitri and ANR.

20) Malleswari:

A sad story. But must watch for NTR and Bhanumati’s action. And also Bhanumati’s songs…

21) Poola Rangadu:

A story of frictions between husband and wife, with really good songs. Specially “nee jilugu paita needalona..” is superb.

22) Donga Ramudu:

I always watch the songs. Really melodious. “Chigurakulalo chilakamma”….

23) Sudigundalu:

It is a 1968 Telugu courtroom drama film written, and directed by Adurthi Subba Rao. The film has garnered the National Film Award for Best Feature Film in Telugu, The Nandi Award for Best Feature Film, and the Filmfare Award for Best Film – Telugu. The film marked the debut of Nagarjuna Akkineni in a cameo.The cult classic film was screened at the Tashkent Film Festival, and the International Film Festival of India.

24) Pathala Bhairavi: A folklore movie with great effects.

25) Sakshi: Starring Krishna and Vijaya Nirmala.

26) Bomma Borusa?: A full-length comedy starring Chalam, Chandra Mohan and Ram Mohan.

27) Narthanasala

28) Srikrishna Pandaveeyam

29) Srikrishna Tulabharam

30) Pelli Chesi Chudu:

A social satire, and that too a few years after his debut, NTR proved his mettle as a subtle actor in a satirical take on the dowry system in India and how it affects life after marriage. Starring NTR and G.Varalakshmi



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