Setting New Genome Prints, White Missionary Couple Give Birth To Black Triplets..!!

Given the atmosphere around us, it is quite likely to become ‘religio-phobic’. By ‘religio phobic’ I mean, fearing religions and its related stuff. The era we live in is dangerously poisoned and where religious fundamentalism is in vogue. The fear of ‘Sholay Gabbar’ has been taken over by IS and its numerous other protégé institutions which spread hatred and kill people in the name of religion. In this negatively charged atmosphere, being suspicious of religion and its gospels is one reasonable thing one can do.

However, there is one couple, deeply religious, is spreading the gospels of universal humanism and love regardless of color, caste and creed. American White Evangelical missionaries Aaron and Rachel Halbert set new precedence by giving birth to black triplets. Swearing by the name of God, they have made new footprints of humanity and compassion by crossing over racial divisions.

The couple is already proud parents of two adopted American-African Black children. Nevertheless, they got drawn towards the idea of embryo adoption. Aaron writes in his Post to Huffington Post “we are deeply moved by the idea of adding more children to our family by rescuing these tiny lives created from in-vitro fertilization, and intrigued by the thought of Rachel getting to experience pregnancy.” Having two adopted children already, they wanted their children to connect with their new additional siblings. That’s why the couple preferred African American-African embryos for implantation. Though they got two embryos implanted, it so happened that one of the embryos got divided itself in two and the resultant is the birth of three girl triplets for them. Extremely jubilant at the new arrivals, Aaron hopes that his family picture is “little hint of heaven”.

Believing in racial diversity and thinking it as reminder of God’s creative brilliance, they welcome differences by embracing them. Claiming themselves pro life, Aaron writes, “Another prevalent theme of the bible is that God adopts believers into his own family. When we adopt, we are echoing his own compassionate work, giving the world a glimpse of the truth and beauty of the gospel”.


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