#BlastFromThePast: Did You Know These Interesting Cinema News From The Past?

It’s always to good to know about the things that happened in the past. Manam yeppudu cinema matters lo up-to-date untam. Inka fans ki aithe valla favourite hero/heroine vishayalu anni almost telsi untai kaani konni sarlu fans ki kuda theliyani news lu untai. Ippudu alanti cini news, blast from the past perutho mee mundhuki teesukosthunam take a look

1) Chiranjeevi debuted in Bollywood with ‘Pratibandh’ which was remake of the Rajashekar’s film ‘Ankusham’.

Blast From The Past2) Nagarjuna debuted in Bollywood with ‘Shiva’ which was remake of his own Telugu film ‘Siva’.

Blast From The Past3) Venkatesh Remade Ali’s Yamaleela in Bollywood as Taqdeerwala

Blast From The Past4) Chiranjeevi Remade Shankar’s Gentleman movie in Bollywood

Blast From The Past5) Gayam was co written by Ram Gopal Varma and Mani Ratnam

Blast From The Past6) Manisha Koirala has acted in only one direct 1995 Telugu film Criminal.

Blast From The Past7) Donga Donga movie of manirathnam was written by Raml Gopal Varma.Dil se was co produced by RGV and Mani Ratnam

Blast From The Past8) Rajashekar acquired the rights of Tamil Film Ramana, but later it went to Megastar Chiranjeevi. And Chiranjeevi remade Ramana as Tagore

Blast From The Past9) Rajendra Prasad was the first choice to act as Chanti, but later the producer K. S. Ramarao selected Venkatesh as the actor

Blast From The Past


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