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Bollywood Celebrities who need to hit the Gym ASAP !

Ram Kapoor before after
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By Aakash Parida

Bollywood! This word encompasses varied emotions, aspirations, ways of expressions and numerous celebrities fighting it out to remain beloved to their prized audience . Believe it or not the current audience psyche wants the celluloid artists to look fit and fashionable to be idolised , bygone are those days when actors and actresses were known for memorable performances which is now reduced to a cult following .

Few celebrities have chiselled  their look over the years but there are few celebrities who are unapologetically fat , although being fat is a matter of personal choice and not be made fun of , but let us look at few celebrities who can use some motivation to hit the gym , because they badly need it !

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Ram Kapoor was admired by many housewives who never let their husband watch men run towards a goal or hit a ball for six, because of his affable roles on the silver screen, later he was seen in leading Bollywood production flicks which is equally great for his career but Mr. Ram, watching you romance Sunny Leone with the fat belly you sport is beyond hilarious , You need to shed a few kilos !

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She has done some perky roles with leading Bollywood actor & actresses , but she is usually type casted as a spirited and adorable friend because of her size and if she doesn’t hit the gym soon I guess she will end up being part of a Parsi joke not related to their Surname . If you know what I mean !

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The most hysterical news I heard this year was when I found out that Ganesh Acharya has gained around 30 to 40 kg for his forthcoming film ” Hey Bro “. Hey bro! I know you are a successful choreographer and might be a visionary, but don’t you think you should find roles where you get to lose weight instead of gaining 40 kilos ?

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She is graceful , there is no doubt to it but why is she persistent on staying fat ? Maybe she wants to make a serious statement on , how acting skills propel a wonderful career rather than how you look .  Nevertheless , Huma as a fellow huma-n , forgive me for saying this , but you need to hit the gym . Just don’t slack off the next time you make a resolution to get fit !


Maddy we love you, but your recent avatar in Tanu weds Manu 2, isn’t very appealing. Look at Rancho, he works out. Your buddy Raju is in good shape too, then why do you abstain from a good workout ? Are you listening yet ?

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The Femina miss India 2004 . Oh my gosh! what has gotten into her ? Once a fitness fanatic, I never thought she will adorn herself into a chubby avatar .


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This is a real blast from the past , although her career has come to a halt long time back but look at her in her recent photos , she needs a massive makeover , not because of her falling popularity ( I doubt most of the young peeps know her name let alone her films ) but as a last resort to make a comeback .


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