8 Best Bollywood Movies From The Last Couple Of Years Which Are Extraordinary To Watch

Bollywood cinema ante aithe biopics ledha remakes thappa vere movies em cheyadam ledu ane general opinion North eh kadu mana south audience lo kuda undi. Avunu Bollywood movies ante content undadhu and commercial movies ki care of address. Aithe ee stereotype wrong anela Bollywood lo some content unna feel good, and out of the box movies occhayi….

2019 nundi till date varaku bollywood lo entha scrap movies occhayo anthe manchi movies kuda occhayi. Ee movies lo content chusaka parledu ra Bollywood vallu bhalae tistharu anipinchela some movies chesaru.

1. Chicchhore

ChicchhoreAlmost 3 Idiots movie line la untundi ee movie concept kani…Sushanth, Shraddha & Naveen Polishetty lanti actors valla lively performances, content and emotional scenes ee movie chusaka manchi movie chusamu anna feel ni isthayi.

2. Mardaani 2

Mardaani 2Ik serial rape cases chese oka mafia ni oka lady police officer ela chase chesindi anedi chala intriguing ga untundi and at the same time manchi emotions untayi ee movie lo.

3. Article 15

Article 15Ika caste based oppression and lynchings, honor killings ee sensitive issues ni chala hard hitting ga chupincharu indulo.

4. Chintu Ka Birthday

Chintu Ka BirthdayOka chinna family Iraq lo oka war zone lo intlone struck avvalsi vastundi. Kani aa time lo kuda tama koduku birthday ni ela chesaru anedi ee movie concept and story which is very well crafted.

5. Ak Vs AK

Ak Vs AKIka oka movie ni ila kuda tiyiccha? Ila ela tisaru path breaking concept, making and underrated movie in recent times ani chepocchu. Anil Kapoor & Anurag Kashyap were too good and showstealers.

6. Dil Bechara

Dil BecharaLast movie of Sushanth singh Rajput, oka feel good line and heartwarming performances and soothing songs by A.R. Rahman sir all together a must watch movie.

7. 99 Songs

99 SongsOka aspiring musician & singer rich ammayi tho love lo padthadu. Kani aa love success aindha ledha or athanu musician ga success aiyyada ledha anedi oka soothing musical drama la veltundi.

8. Mimi

MimiIka recent ga Netflix lo release aina Mimi movie plot antha kuda oka surrogacy mother and baby chuttu tirugutundi. Oka forreign couple kosam surrogacy ki accept chese mimi aa tarivatha elanti situation ni face chesindi anedi chala emotional ga chupincharu.

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