Bollywood’s Most Underrated Actors Which Have Changed The Face Of Indian Cinema..!!

By Vaidehi Rawool 

There are three things that draw Indians as a moth to a flame: Cricket, Religion and Bollywood. Every year the exquisite beauty of the silver screen beckons to millions of hearts resulting in the mass migration to Mumbai, the Bollywood city. We Indians are victims of our habits, either we are stricken by the exotic locations and heart wrenching stories of the actors or we want to become one. Glitches arise when one begins to pursue the latter part. Sometimes most of blinded by the glam of the big screen, fail to realize that not all can make the cut.

This rings true with the recent rapid increase of the newbies on the block including the popular star kids and the talent show winners or just plain lovers of Indian Cinema striving to grab some of the limelight. For some the ticket to fame gets brutally cut before they can land a screening test. And for some of the lucky ones, they are able to hit the bull’s eye at the very first try itself. So many examples of actors who were formerly nobodies but their talent got them stardom have been making the rounds of social media on a daily basis.

But sometimes the most important factor to achieve success in the film industry isn’t just the ability to act. The oomph factor is majorly outweighed by the “luck factor” which is likely to work for some but mostly not for all. Here are 5 of the most underrated actors that Bollywood failed to see true worth of. It’s true in this case that one doesn’t necessarily have to be a good actor, but can be supremely successful if he/she is a famous star.

Nawazuddin Siddiqui

Nawazuddin SiddiquiThis actor has proved that looks or physical characteristics don’t matter much if you’ve got what it takes to embrace the role to a level where no one can replace you in it. This powerhouse of talent did around 2 dozens of movies before his talent was even recognised by the public eye. Did you know that he was also in Munnabhai MBBS with Sanjay Dutt? He has done roles of every cadre from the brutal Gangs of Wasseypur to the quite inquisitive man in the beauty that was Lunch Box. This actor surely has more fame which is due to him.

Paresh Rawal

Paresh RawalWho doesn’t remember Babubhaiya from the multi-starrer Hera Pheri, the crazy landlord and his famous dialogue “MiBaburaoBoltoy!” This is one actor who has done numerous versatile roles. May it be a role of a funny villain or a confused man or level headed rational man living amongst superstitious duds. Although there have numerous awards conferred upon him but still he deserves more than the accolades that he’s won.

Vijay Raaz

Vijay RaazMost of remember the Kauva Biryani scene from the movie ‘Run’ although many won’t remember the name or the other members of the cast, we would surely remember that guy who wakes up those who sit at the window seat in the bus. This is one veteran theatre personality who has been wrongly type casted into only comedy roles. Of course there’s no doubt that he excels at comedy but so much of potential remains untapped because of the stereotypical nature of Bollywood where people are casted with set moulds in mind.

Konkana Sen Sharma

konkona sen sharmaBe it Wake Up Sid or Life in a metro or even Ek thi Dayan. This is one actress who has been extremely successful in breaking the age old myth of a Bollywood Actress to be a certain person. She has portrayed the roles of a girl next door with as much ease and finesse as she has any of the dramatic ones. This is one personality that Bollywood needs to sit up and take notice of.

Richa Chadda

Richa ChaddaAlthough she hasn’t done many movies in Bollywood yet, the handful of ones that she has have quite literally blown us away. In spite of winning very important accolades for her performances she’s still highly unrecognised by the majority of the masses. Her performances leave a lasting impact on the viewer then may it be Ramleela or Gangs of Wasseypur where she enthralled us all. And Do we talk about Masaan or the upcoming bold musical Cabaret We can’t wait to watch her in more movies.

These were quite a few actors and there are definitely many more who aren’t giving due credit for their amazing talents. Know of any more fabulous uncovered gems of actors, Comment Below.


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