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Boost Your Immunity With These 6 Refreshing Drinks!


Your immune system is constantly fighting with several viruses and bacteria. It is always super active and tries to find out about the cells that your body requires and eliminates the ones which are harmful to the body. And, for your immunity system to function properly, you need to provide it with sufficient nutrients, vitamins and minerals.
There are several foods that are great to boost your immunity system. But did you know certain juices and smoothies also help to increase your immunity? A dash of these drinks early in the morning will not only boost your immunity, but will cleanse your body and provide enough energy to last you for the entire day.
Here are 6-immunity boosting drinks that everyone must include in their diets.

1.Tomato Juice

Tomatoes are loaded with vitamins A and C, iron and folate. The folate content in tomatoes, helps to lower the risk of infections in your body. Tomato juice is one of the healthiest and simplest things to have in the mornings. It can be made with fresh tomatoes without any added ingredients. But, ensure that you strain bits and pieces through a sieve after blending it.

2.Strawberry and Mango Juice

Strawberries and Mangoes are our all-time favourite fruits. This fruit juice is a healthy way to satisfy those early morning cravings. It will also keep you full and prevents you from eating any junk that will harm your immune system. Both the fruits are rich in vitamins A, C and E, folate and iron. They are also loaded with several antioxidants which help in building a strong immunity system.

3.Orange Juice

Oranges are present in every household and almost everyone loves orange juice. They are the best source for vitamin C and they also lower the risk of heart diseases. Oranges are also known to prevent kidney stones. Add a dash of turmeric, cinnamon and carrots to oranges and blend it well. This perfect mix will boost your immunity and keep you away from infections.

4.Cucumber Juice

Cucumber juices are the most common of all the vegetable juices. They are filled with magnesium, calcium, copper and vitamins like A, K and C. Cucumbers have a very positive effect on the immune system and if you desire to build a healthy immune system, you must include cucumber juice in your diet. A dash of ginger and lemon makes this drink super delicious.

5.Watermelon Juice

Watermelon juice is super tasty and is very easy to make. The heavy water content of this fruit makes it very hydrating and refreshing. It gives a kick to your immunity system and also cures you from muscle soreness. It is rich in vitamins like A and C, zinc and magnesium and hence boosts metabolism of the body.

6.Spinach, Lettuce and Kale

Call them superfoods or powerhouses of minerals, spinach, lettuce and kale are super healthy for the body. A complete vegetable based drink; these three are full of nutrients and are extremely important for the immunity system. Loaded with calcium, zinc and A, C and B-6, you must include this drink in your diet.

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