10 Brahmi GIFs That Perfectly Sums Up The Life Of WFH Employees During This Lockdown

Ee lockdown anedi entha mandiki plus oo entha mandiki minus o teliyadu kani Work From Home chese employees ki matram band eh. Lockdown ki mundu aa bongu le 3 hours lo work complete chesi chill avuthamu anukunna vallu antha ippudu ee work from home maa valla kadu andi antunaru. Ila mana work from home employees andari badhalu, kastalu brahmi GIFS tho cheppe praytanam chesamu adento meeru chuseyandi mari !

1. (Before going to sleep) Repu Office ledu boongu ledu….mellaga lechi pani chesukunta !

2. Everyday after the alarm rings at 11 O’Clock !

3. When you are not ready and receiving a Zoom or Whatsapp call from your manager !

4. When Internet connection is weak and the day’s target is close !

5. Have you finished message from manager for every half an hour !

6. Your work is still pending and the manager allots you additional work !

7. Manager WFH lo baga chill avtunnattu unnav WFH Employee

8. When you work the whole day but your manager considers it as a LOP !

9. Manager You have to work on Sundays too !

10. Ee lockdown eppudu aiptundo…..!

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