These 10 Brahmi’s lines did get quite common in our daily lives


Brahmanandam – the name itself gives you a laugh. Though to a point now, we feel quite routine about his appearance and end up laughing somehow, it was not the same earlier. In the process of getting to this place, many of his small lines too got very famous. So famous, that they ended up being a part of our daily conversations with friends or family or while pulling someone’s leg. We are sure there would be many, but in common we have picked up these.

1. When we are calling any of our friends, be it with love or hatred, based on the tempo of our voice.Brahmi's

2. When our friends pull us into any trouble or when we find ourselves running into some unseen misfortune coming its way, we tend to avoid it by asking them not to involve us.Brahmi's

3. Those moments when your friends leave you alone or when your newly made friends embarrass you in the college canteen after dumping their huge bills on you.Brahmi's

4. Censored: BOYS TALK Brahmi's

5. Yes, those moments, for both boys and girls. Chi..Chiiiii…Lekapovadame better ani anipisthundhiBrahmi's

6. When you are frustrated with your boss/colleague/friend/ neighbor/anyone and that moment when you want to eliminate that person.Brahmi's

7. When you don’t want anyone to disobey your words or for the moment you want to dominate the scene among your friends or tease your friend when he doesn’t get permission from his dad to come for a movie with the rest.7 - bommarillu

8. After a friend bugs the ass out of you and then you give him your last 200/- to book tickets for a movie or to get two beers.8 - pandaga chesko

9. Now we know sometimes how tough it is to get a girlfriend and even if you get a just okay looking one, we are satisfied. But, telling it to your friend is kinda risky, he would comment back on her telling you ‘girlfriend avg anta ga’ and then you both would break into a small laughter.9 - average

10. However older we get, within few of our circles we always behave like kids. In those moments when two besties fight and you are in between.10 - chinna pillolam