These 20 Popular Brands & Company Logos, Then And Now Will Definitely Surprise You

Like how time and days change daniki tagattu fashion, culture manushulu anni change avthune untayi. Mari idi some brands and companies ki kuda applicable eh. Andhuke some companies avi establish chesinappudu pette logos years pass avuthunna koddi…change chesthu untaru.

Mari ila konni popular companies, brands avi start aina time lo unna logos and ippudu unna logos lo change ento once chuseddam.

1. Apple Logo – Over The Years

1 Brands 12. Microsoft Logo Over The Years

2 Brands 13. Mozilla Firefox Logo Over The Years

3 Brands 14. Dabur India Logo Then vs Now

4 Brands 15. Andhra Bank Logo Then vs Now

5 Brands 1

6.Reliance Logo Then vs Now

6 Brands 1

7. TATA Logo Then vs Now7 Brands 1

8.HERO Logo Then vs Now

8 Brands 1

9.HERO Cycles Logo Then vs Now

9 Brands 110. Hindustan Unilever Logo Then vs Now

10 Brands 111. Cadbury Logo Over The Years

11 Brands 112. Amul Logo Old and New logos

12 Brands 113. Royal Enfield Old vs New Logos

13 Brands 114. Volkswagen Logo over the years

14 Brands 115. Maruti Suzuki Old vs New Logo

15 Brands 116. Colgate Logo Over The Years

16 Brands 117. Amazon Logo Over The Years

17 Brands 118. Coca Cola Logo over The years

18 Brands 119. Google Logo over The years

19 Brands 120. Facebook Logo Old Vs new

20 Brands 1

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