Brands we all think Indian but are actually not


Mana India lo we have a lot of cultures, arts, traditions etc etc and manam kuda are proud of all those things. But konni konni sarlu mathram we adopt some things and avi mana life lo entha important part avthay ante we never care where they originally came from. On that note, manaku thelisina most common brands mana Indian originated kaadu ani thelisthe oka chinna size heart break vasthundemo!!!
Here are some of them:

1.Bata:brandsProbably mana andari first shoes bata ve untay. Either it be school shoes or sports one. Shoes ante manaku bata ne. Bata shoes actually oka family owned global footwear and accessory brand. Deeni headquarters Lausanne, Switzerland lo undi.

2.Hindustan Unilever Ltd:brandsMana andari houses lo minimum oka 3 products anna HUL vi untay, antha familiar manaki. But this company is owned by an Anglo-Dutch company.

3.Indian motorcycles:brandsPeru manadi undi kada ani brand mandi aypodu kada. Idi oka American brand. These brand is originally called Hendee Manufacturing company, but 1928 lo deeni peru ni Indian motorcycles ga marcharu. Veella first showroom India lo 2014 lo ne open chesaru.

4.Colgate:brandsPaste anagane manaki first gurthochedi colgate ee. Idi oka American company product, which mainly focused on the household, healthcare, personal products.

5.Star TV:brandsNinna monnati daka only hindi channel ga ne andariki thelusu, but now mana maa tv collaborate avvadam valla manaki kuda thelisindi ee star tv gurinchi. Star actually stands for Satellite Television Asian Region. Idi oka American multinational mass media corporation.

6.Nestle:brandsMaggi, Kitkat, munch ivanni chusi ee brand kuda manade anukuntaru chala mandi, including me. But Nestle is a transitional food and beverage company headquartered in Switzerland.

7.Tide detergent:brandsEe detergent Procter&Gamble ane American company tayaru chesindi. 1946 lo US markets lo deenni introduce chesaru, and within short time it is expanded to the world market.

8.Bose speakers:8 - BoseAa Bengali name chusi evaraina idi mana Indian brand ane anukuntaru. Massachusetts lo unde oka American company idi. Twist ento thelusa deeni founder Amar Bose is an Indian American.