Break Up With Your Best Friend : Let’s Speak It Out!!

By Shahamat Hussain

Every day we hear about break up. A girl being discarded by the man or the girl breaking up with the man. They all have different reasons of break up. We read the columns, article and tip how to muddle through the break up. Breakups are shore up by family and friends. Somehow we also move on with them by their support. Little we talk about is break up with the best friend. The best companion who has been with you from good to terrible times. Time which you did not have optimism in living life to sheer joys is shared by the best friend.

How-To-Break-Up-With-Your-BoyfriendAccording to a survey by the health psychologist, break up with the best friend is the most throbbing occasion one goes through. It is painful since you do not have anybody to talk about the break up. The person you would want to talk about it is the same person you have broken up. It affects your psyche and compassion mutually. Since friendship is the bond developed in duration and time, the bond is stronger and much impactful. It affects the psychology and develops trust issues in an individual.

after_a_breakupAlthough trust issues get decipher over time but what remain is the scar which heals very leisurely. You have to face the same person all your life. They affect your life circuitously even when you are not communicating. “I was deceived by my friend he was cheating on my girlfriend, he betray me out of envy. I had always treasured and supported him in his dire and good time but what he did was classless, I do not want to see his face all my life now .“ says Sagar Anand.

Break-Up-with-Your-Friend-Step-16Breaking up with best friend is undeniably hard and harsh job to cope up with. Everything which was familiar with the best buddy you had changes. Psychologists suggest that it’s okay to feel lonely and hurt sometimes. It makes you reflect upon your own life and thought process. The pain and grief takes time to fade but what it leaves is the maturity and an understanding of life for your own betterment which makes you grow ultimately.

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